Dry Bones by Dan DiFelice

Based on Ezekiel Ch. 37, Verses 1 - 10

Dry Bones is based on a passage from an Old Testament prophecy, taken from Ezekiel 37. In a vision, Ezekiel was carried to a valley of old, dry bones, symbolizing Israel and its people in despair. We took some liberty in lifting an excerpt from a sermon W.A. Criswell , the pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas at the time, made in 1985 on Ezekiel 37. In this sermon, Criswell speaks to revelation, namely, the resurrection, and the rebirth, and the reconstruction, and the restatement of the kingdom of Israel in their own land - the rebirth of the nation of the people of God. It is a picture and a parable of the resurrection from the dead. The raising of God's people from the graves into which, if the Lord delays His coming, they inevitably and inexorably fall, and; the resurrection of the spirit of the man - the rebirth of the soul, the regeneration of the life of the man under the power of the Holy Spirit, in the gospel, of the grace of the Son of God.

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