Dallas ComicCon Brings Heroes to Life

The Lines Between Reality and Fantasy Blur

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There is a world underneath the guise of mundane Dallas life. A world of spandex costumes hidden beneath business suits and pencil skirts, of light sabers and phasers rattling around in briefcases, backpacks and purses, of masks and secret identities. Once a year, that world shows its face to the public at a not-so-little event known as the Dallas ComicCon. And this year, this year it is bigger and better than ever. 

On May 21-22, sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts will storm the Irving Convention Center, transforming its 300,000 sq. feet into a plethora of alternate realities. Some of the industry's greats will be present - Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Leonard Nimoy (Spock),  the Legendary Stan Lee and so many more. 

Batmans, Supermans, Spocks, Darth Vaders, Jokers, Thors, Green Lanterns and so on will also be there in spades. Masked avengers, space warriors and evil masterminds will abound. We can't wait!

Be sure to check out the Dallas ComicCon website. Also, anyone in attendance, we encourage you to film your time at the convention and post it here on YouPlusDallas. Live long and prosper everybody. 


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