Dallas Attractions in 2010

You+Dallas's best time lapses of 2010

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Dallas is a fast moving city, and the various talented photographers at You+Dallas make it move even faster with the right lens and a creative eye for capturing the best of the Dallas skyline in 2010.  We incoporated time lapse photography of various places such as Downtown Dallas, the Dallas Arts District, the Plano Balloon Festival, the State Fair of Texas, and weather in Dallas, into a time lapse video.  One of our favorites is the view of downtown Dallas taken from a position on the shore of White Rock Lake near the Dallas Arboretum.

At the very end of the video you will be taken to the fulcrum of Commerce Street, Pearl Street, and Central in Downtown Dallas to view a triangular-shaped building that is currently home to our business, You+Dallas and its parent company, You+Media.  

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