Dallas Artist Rolando Diaz

The Cuban artist explains his passion for painting

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We first got to know Cuban artist Rolando Diaz through his collaberation with pianist Seth Simmons and their live show, "Euforia Live".  We subsequently collaberated with these two talented Dallas artists to create "Under the Arches: Euforia Live",  The Euforia Live Show features Seth Simmons playing his piano to an original score while Diaz paints an original oil painting.

Diaz, whose studio is located at Southside on Lamar near Downtown Dallas, is a fine artist.  But what makes him unique, in our opinion, is his ability to create a very fine painting in about one and a half hours.  Normally, quality works of art take much longer to create, but as Rolando humbly said to us recently, it took him 30 years to be able to master the art of creating paintings from scratch during a live event.

We present this work on Rolando Diaz this week to celebrate that two of our You+Dallas staffers are in the middle of Cuba on a mission trip.

Diaz paints wet on wet, and stains his canvas so the colors peek through the finished product. His love of the human form is represented in his beautiful paintings.  Diaz was the first artist to exhibit his work in our studios.  We are blessed with walls that are perfect to present large paintings.

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