Dallas Indie Music Scene

You+Dallas sounds off to celebrate the year in local music

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Daniel Hopkins thinks you need to get out more. Especially if you think that Dallas is sans music scene. And if that is the case, well, we’re not sure which internet-less, soundproof, white-walled room you’ve been living in, but it’s time to escape the mundane and attend any Dallas venue – doesn’t matter which one – because chances are it will be occupied by one of the hundreds of great bands North Texas has to offer. The score of Dallas plays a harmonious piece of a community that loves its local music scene. A myriad of talented artists such as Air Review, Seryn, Doug Burr, and Ishi gave melodious and memorable performances this year. If you think Austin is all about the music scene, it’s time to give your eardrums a Dallas beat. As Denton native Sarah Jaffe asks, why would you go anywhere else?
Track: Air Review: “Chasing Corporate” from their album Landmarks

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