Communications Center Trailer

By Andrew Herrera and Electric Pegasus Productions

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Dallas Texas teenage radio deejay Chris Ray envisions a television program that mixing the sound of radio, with the picture of television, Ray along with co-host Mike Stevens decide to go out and capture all of the elements to mix into this brand new production. Having been inspired by the live music and dance style programs that previously broadcast on television, Chris believes while the cast is acting out scenes for the program, combining music into the entire episode can capture a very large emotion into the television program. Chris is very passionate about creating this television program because he views television as an art and wants the message of the show to bring the community closer together. Throughout the journey, Chris begins to worry about the fate of this new concept television program because he fears that he will not get everything he needs to make it as successful as he has it pictured in his mind. Mike Stevens, helps his best friend out by reminding him the main reason they are in this production together. Throughout this journey, Chris Ray and Mike Stevens both get a close look at the true inner character inside of them and are constantly reminded that the most important thing is that they are family and as long as they are together, the art they create will be definite success because it comes from the heart.

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