Commercial Real Estate Market Analysis: Tower 2600 in Richardson, Texas

Commercial office building for lease in North Dallas

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Commercial real estate decisions are based on accurate and reliable market information. Individuals and companies base their decisions about buying, selling, or leasing commercial property on past, present, and future trends.  For more than 10 years, CCIMTECH has been an industry leader in providing crucial information for real estate transactions with the powerful Site to Do Business (  Now CCIMTECH has added an innovative Video Report to its menu of real estate services providing valuable market knowledge.

In this video, CCIMTECH marketing director Carol Campbell presents the market analysis knowledge for Tower 2600, a 9-story, 229,000-sq. foot office tower in Richardson, Texas.  The information provides a compelling reason for companies to consider this outstanding commercial property.

Tower 2600, located at 2600 North Central Expressway, Richardson, Texas 75080,  sits on the east side of I-75 at the Galatyn/Renner Rd exit (just south of the 190 George Bush Turnpike). The building has been completely renovated by owner Champion Partners and is ready for lease through Chuck Sellers, of Peloton Commercial Real Estate.

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