Can Christianity Save Dallas? - Part 2

The Struggle to Create Community

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In a "Christian" community, what is community? Is it the five to ten minutes before and after the service when you mingle with other church members, or is it that once-a-month all guys grill out? Is it that place you drive to once a week, thirty minutes away to spend an hour with seemingly like-minded people? Do you ever think of your community as the people who live on either side of you? Do you even know your neighbors names?

The question is overbearing and all too apparent when we look for the Dallas Christian community. Where is it? Pocket communities of Christianity exist, but where is the convergence of all these folks who commit to His agenda?

Starbucks is now synonymous with the communal experience (with coffee), but they have built an empire with avid (borderline fanatic) contributors, who seven days a week attend their morning ritual, rarely without fail. How can Christians learn from this model?

In the second installment of "Can Christianity Save Dallas?" we ask spiritual leaders to help define the difficulties of creating community and how it pertains to Christianity and Dallas. Be sure to check out Part 1 to understand what we mean by "Christian community." Also, stay tuned for Part 3, as YouPlusDallas takes the question further.

Check out the Faith and Public Policy forum to see what the Dallas Mayoral Candidates have to say about faith-based initiatives concerning education, homelessness, hunger and business. Lend your own voice, help change Dallas for the better.

Statistics courtesy of the Barna Group and their research. 


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