Barrington Gifts - Integrating Faith With The Workplace


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Barrington, a world-class original OEM in China, is investing in people with what they call “compassionate overhead”. The company budgets money so they can bring aboard workers who, although talented, have not been able to get a job elsewhere. Those workers receive above-market wages and benefits that enable them to care for their families without having to work overtime. 

People have commented on the outstanding work environment at Barrington, but they often times don’t understand why that environment exists. 8 years ago, David Gowdey approached his founding partner, James “Gil” Sheehan after attending the conference, Business in Missons, with the idea that work and faith could come together. They decided to open a factory in China. With the help of their mentor, Bill Job, they were challenged to integrate faith into the workplace.

It has been a life-changing experience. Their business model has employed many talented workers and they are going above and beyond, visiting employees in their homes and getting involved in a local orphanage that focuses on special needs children. Matt Snead, Director of Community Outreach at Barrington, runs a summer day camp for kids of working mothers.

For Gowdey, his experience in China has forever changed his view of the world because he has learned that work and faith don’t have to be compartmentalized. Their work can be ministry.  


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