Barrington - The Importance of Corporate Gifts

Identifying with Community and People

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In 2004, Barrington established a manufacturing facility in China and assembled a team of artisans to manufacture leather goods of exceptional quality. 8 years later, Barrington privately produces for a clientele of luxury bands and is making a difference in the lives of their employees.

They are investing in people with what they call “compassionate overhead”. Barrington has been able to integrate many disabled employees into their workforce who, although very talented, would not have been to get work elsewhere. Barrington is proud to employee people like CeCe, who is deaf and mute. She has been with the company since 2005.

One of the reasons Barrington has been able to make such a difference in the community is because business makes sense to people. Managing Director Kirk Palette believes businesses are able to make an impact because they create jobs, a product and a profit. Barrington wants to give back to the community because they have benefited so much from their involvement. 

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