Artist Interview Sessions: Noelle Bean

Get to know the charming Singer-Songwriter

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Former Nashville resident and current Dallas-based Singer-Songwriter Noelle Bean realized her passion for music when a very influential teacher suggested she try our for the music team in high school. From him, she learned how to put a song together, and her journey took off from there.

Noelle started her music career posting covers and original songs on her YouTube page, and garnered a huge response from her friends, as well as the rest of the Internet world.

Hear her talk about her musical influences and a few songs from her upcoming five-song EP, including her first single “Cops & Robbers” as well as song “Sunshine” written about her late father. To hear more of Noelle’s music before her EP is released, go to

Shot on location at LaGrange on Elm Street and throughout Deep Ellum

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