Artist Interview Sessions: Jon Abel

Inspiring the Servants of God to Serve God in All They Do

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Meet Artist in Residence at the Highland Park Presbyterian Church, Jon Abel - a man with a God-gifted musical talent and a devotion to his faith evident in all aspects of his life, especially his music. Jon lives in the Word, and even in the face of losing his livelihood, his passion, he remained true to his faith in Christ.

Jon finds his own inspiration in his children and their approach to the world, and he believes it is the mission of all Christian musicians to remind everyone they are servants of God.

Men like Jon inspire us to do amazing things with our lives. Men like Jon point right past themselves and give all of it; their success, their wisdom, their courage and their talent to Christ. Find out more about Jon at his website and follow him on Twitter and Facebook; also, be sure to check out his new EP release, Rescue available on iTunes.

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