Artist Interview Sessions: Ishi

Featuring single "Disco Queen"

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Dallas-based band Ishi has the ability to make even the grouchiest of grouches stand up and dance – and maybe even crack a smile. Their magnified stage presence gives the audience a chance to let go and shake the day off.  Lead singer John T. Mudd’s legendary mustache might give off a hardcore appearance; but their music is anything but: friendly lasers and techno beats give Ishi a ‘universal appeal’. Following their 2010 effort, ‘Through the Trees’, Ishi’s new record will be released in 2012; the exact date is yet to be announced due to Mudd’s perfectionistic tendencies. YouPlusDallas sat down with the band to hear about the origin of their dance moves.

Featured Song: “Disco Queen” from Ishi’s upcoming album 

YouPlusDallas would like to thank the Granada Theater and Club Dada for the shooting locations

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