"Apricot” by Ben Briand

Do you remember your first love?

Imagine for a moment an evening with a date set at your favorite Dallas restaurant.  It is early in the relationship, but as the date progresses, the conversation turns to first loves and that first kiss.  Do you remember?  Of course you do.  How do you – do you respond?  Are you willing to go there? Apricot tells such a story with an interesting twist as to motive.  What is your interpretation? 

Briand beautifully presents this couple as if they were the only people in a busy restaurant.  The dialogue is superb and the memory sequence provokes the imagination.  Use this romantic film to create your own setting at your favorite Dallas hangout. 

YouPlusDallas salutes Writer and Director Ben Briand, the producers and cast of Apricot.  For more on Briand, go to www.benbriand.com

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