An Ad Worth Watching

A Pantene Chrysalis commercial

Even though this is a commercial for a hair product, it tells a very compelling story.

A deaf girl has a love for music and is struggling to learn to play the violin.  This is made even harder because those around her insist that she will fail, and she shouldn't even try.

A gentle street musician is the only one that believes in her.  He teaches her that music isn't something you just do, it's something you see, feel, and becomes a part of you. With his guidance, she learns to feel and see the music.  She joins him on the street, playing next to him, and gains confidence as the crowd responds to them.

During all this, she's still subject to insults, bullying, and eventually her mentor being attacked. She still manages the determination to achieve her goal, fulfill her passion, and play at a local music contest.

The background music of Johann Pachelbel Canon in D Major is a perfect accompaniment and compliments the mood and pace of this video.

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