Amanda Dunbar

The talented painter and visual artist tells her story and shares her newest passion

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Dallas artist Amanda Dunbar gives us a tour of her studio/gallery in South Side on Lamar, which has become a known as an artist's community. 

Lots of color and texture defines her paintings and is part of what makes them so beautiful. Dunbar has had a long history creating her artwork -- and a successful one. She appeared on Oprah at sixteen and is the youngest woman in the Texas Women's Hall of Fame. Her goal is to provide messages for others through her paintings and to connect with people.

Her newest passion? Guitars. 

Dunbar's exquisitely painted and Swarovski crystal-covered guitars are part of her 'Precious Rebels' collection. These incredibly detailed guitars bring everything together: from music to visual arts, color and fashion. 'Precious Rebels' has become extremely popular with artists like Chad Kroeger, the lead singer of Nickelback, and has captured the attention of countless musicians. It's fun, it's beautiful and it definitely demands attention. 

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