Aerial Fitness

CirqueFit is the place to be! I love it!!!

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Yesterday I had a private lesson with Kimberly and Dylan.  On the menu?  CirqueFit!
So, lets back up a bit...
So far, I've been taking their aerial yoga classes, which have been nothing but the best of fun... so good for the body, so good for the spirit.  And, as you can see, pretty darn low to the ground...  that's up-stairs.
Down stairs, on the other hand, you'll find all sorts of interesting contraptions, like the lyra (that metal hoop I'm spinning in), the trapeze, and the silks (the beautiful red ones.)  Anyway... yesterday, Kimberly and Dylan suggested that I try out the contraptions mentioned above.  I thought, oh boy... this will end with me on the floor, preferably with my neck still in working order.  But both K&D were totally sure that I would be fine... so... I went for it.
First, the silks.
Not the best posture ever, but hey... not bad for my first time, right?  It was pretty interesting... especially wrapping that silk around my leg a few more times, each time climbing higher.  Then, spinning in the opposite direction to "untangle" myself, while "falling down" at a considerably faster speed then climbing up.  Or at least, that is what's supposed to happen. ha!  After a few times, I was so tired that I had to slowwwllllyyyy force my body to spin itself around and around.  I thought: That's it.  I'm fried.
Next, the trapeze.
Ok, by now my arms were total J-E-ll-O.  I thought; no way I'm climbing on there and surviving.  But, K&D were totally convincing: No one has ever fallen off, we promise!  Ok, on I went.  Not sure how I got on there, but I did.  It was freaking high too!  I looked down and saw: The Ground!  Ok, ok... I told myself; it's not that bad... everything is o-kay.  Breathe. I stepped up and.... Everything was!
Finally, the lyra.
So by now I'm sweating like crazy... No, not glistening like a proper young lady; sweating like eww!  All that energy exerted on lifting your own body takes a whole lot out of you.  And on top of it, the ring is made of slick metal, my hands are wet, and the lower part of my arms feel like someone blew them up to Popeye's size.  Can't get on the ring.  Crap!  That's the one I really wanted to do!  Dylan finally pulled up a mattress, another mattress, and his knee.  I got on! yeyyyyy!
Once I was up in the air, I melted into 7th heaven!  All the busy, busy dissolved into thin air, all the troubles of the day magically puffed away!  I love, love, love spinning.  I felt like I was in a world of my own... it was soooo relaxing.... I just felt like I belonged on that ring.  As a matter of fact, the music in that video-clip explains my emotions to the "T"...  It was perfect and I could spin like that for ever.
When I finally hoped off, I was told that I was up there spinning for like 8 minutes and that most people get sick after just a little bit.  Eight minutes? Really?  Felt like no time what so ever... I lost track of time; I actually lost track of time... I couldn't believe it.  I found my new love!  Thanks guys!

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