A Christian Movie: My Concrete Mattress

A documentary film that challenges Christians to carry out God's will

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Film Director Jonathan Goode and Wes Peters, a leader of beunthinkable.org, stopped in Dallas to promote their Christian movie, My Concrete Mattress.  YouPlusDallas met with Jonathan at the Crooked Tree Coffee House located in Uptown.

The movie follows the lives of four homeless residents: John, Anthron, Dwight and Deborah.  The movie asks some important questions.  Our interpretation of those questions follow:

Why are there so many homeless when there are so many Christians in Dallas?

How do we reconcile the Christian principles of love thy neighbor and love Christ with our own individual actions to help the homeless?

Is there a successful model where local government organizations, churches, and neighborhoods have worked together to help the homeless?  If so, please share your successes.

To receive a copy of the movie, click here.  The purchase price is based on whatever amount you wish to donate.


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