"13 15 6 51 46" by 4PM Beer

Video Association of Dallas 24 Hour Video Race: First Place Hollywood Division

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Where do we begin?  4PM Beer produced one of our favorite short films of the 2011 24 Hour Video Race.  We loved the story line, the music, and the acting. But what really stands out to the critics at YouPlusDallas is the excellent incorporation of the key elements of the video race competition.  In our view, they executed better than any team in the competition.  If you don't believe us, then judge for yourself.  The required elements were:

Theme: A Day to Remember
Dialog: "We can do that tomorrow."
Prop: Ball
Location: Garden

Information about the 24 Hour Video Race can be found here. The 24 Hour Video Race in Dallas is presented annually by the Video Association of Dallas.  To view more short films from the 24 Hour Video Race, go to the short films gallery.  We appreciate the time Bart Weiss and some of the 4PM creators gave us to present a review of this short film.


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