1000 Voices by Ctrl.Alt.Shift

The voices of political refugees being treated like the political prisoners from where they escaped

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1000 Voices is a short film selected to be viewed at the Dallas Video Fest 24 by Bart Weiss. 

Ctrl.Alt.Shift is a movement for a new generation fighting social and global injustice. These films were made by members of the community to raise awareness of issues they care about.

Writer and Director: Tim Travers Hawkins
Mentor: Chris Harding (Shynola)
Music: Jesca Hoop
Voice of Bureaucrat: Adam Buxton

A verbose and politically correct bureaucrat gives a lecture to a group of teenagers on the merits of the UK's efficient and humane asylum system, whilst meanwhile, in the same building, detainees, imprisoned indefinitely in different 'Removal Centres' across the UK, leave messages in vain on an abandoned telephone answering machine in the ministry basement. Their messages detail the horror of the life that they have escaped due to conflict.

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