“Signs” by Patrick Hughes and Moonwalk Films

YouPlusDallas presents a short film about dating and relationships

Sometimes love can be found in the most unexpected places. Moon-walk Films shows just how true this can be in their thoughtful, romantic, and sometimes whimsical short film, Signs. Transfixed on our main character, we observe his rise from lonely single in a lifeless job to brave dreamer as he discovers a lovely new friend.  Thoughtfully and artistically shot, this short encompasses all the thrills of a feature length romantic comedy at the hands of Director Patrick Hughes. Hughes was accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts – School of Film and Television at the age of 18, becoming one of the youngest students ever to gain entry into this highly regarded institute. In 2008, he directed ‘Signs’, one of the most viewed short films on the web. Hughes’ work is a blend of visuals with attitude, performance direction, comedy, and clever story telling. His unique perspective and fresh edge make him highly sought after in the Australian market.  Signs speaks to the heart of anyone who has ever longed for love, found it, and wondered what to do next.  Enjoy both the male and female perspective on by checking out our blog about Signs in the Dating and Relationships Network.  Now, it's your turn: Tell us what you think about the film and how it makes you feel. Or better yet, tell us your thoughts with your own "signs."  

 For more information about Moonwalk Films and Patrick Hughes, go to http://www.moonwalk-films.com.

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