‘Amo la Vida’ by Nic Askew

For the time being, LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE. Really, look what you have

We are not fans of talking head short films, but ‘Amo La Vida’, starring Julio Olalla, captures the essence of grace.  Olalla speaks to a moment he had with his father, one of those teaching moments, which changed his perspective on life.    ‘Amo La Vida’ is a short film worth viewing with friends.  The setting is so simple -  black and white – talking head.  But yet the message of caring, of gratitude centered on a single event brought to life by his father is remarkably powerful.  This short film confirms in my mind that Julio Olalla is someone worth listening to.

We leave you with what we will call Olallaisms.  ‘Gratitude in so many ways is so dramatically missing in the world today. Without gratitude nothing is enough.’   I’m not sure gratitude is something one can do but it is something one can exhibit.  And it’s exhibition is perhaps more important than we might imagine.  And one more:  Ollala posits that ‘Wisdom is a love affair with questions, knowledge a love affair with answers … we are so attracted by knowledge that we have lost concern for wisdom.

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