Jenny Vitucci

wife to carmen, mama to max, writer, brainstormer, blogger, actress, lover of jesus, loser of car keys, seeker of cool stuff, owner of world's most neurotic dog
  1. Jenny Vitucci

    over 6 years ago

    Ross - how am I just now seeing this!? Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words!! I miss you guys! Is Little Read Writing Group still getting together? How is your book coming along? You should post little bits of it on here from time to time...I so thoroughly enjoyed listening to your work. You, my friend, are truly a remarkable writer...

  2. Ross Vick

    over 6 years ago

    Jenny is a terrific writer, and reader of that which she writes. Her participation at the SMU writers class hosted by noted screen writer Rex McGee brought accolades from the entire class as well as the esteemed facilitator. And now those of us who knew her as Jenny the writer find that she is Jenny the producer at you plus media!  There she will find a fine group of people to collaborate with.