Cameron Ernst Lake Highlands

Cameron Ernst is a new artist with a catchy, piano pop sound. Filled with metaphors and cleverly crafted lyrics, Cameron's songs are sure to captivate and expose listeners to an innocent truth in which he sees the world. His power vocals and addicting melodies combined with his sincere lyrics create a new sound that is candy to the ear and moving to the heart. Inspiration comes in many forms for Cameron, but one of the big inspirations for his writing is big causes. Recently, Cameron wrote a song called "Love is Louder" for the movement started by actress Brittany Snow, MTV, and The JED Foundation in light of the recent suicides in schools because of bullying. This sparked a new chapter in Cameron's journey to take this song and others that he has written with a positive message into schools, encouraging and motivating young people that they can raise the volume for love in their schools and communities. Cameron is based out of Dallas and just finished the "Love is Louder" music video with You+Dallas.
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