J.K. Alexander Book Signing at Crooked Tree Coffeehouse

Posted by    |    January 30th, 2013 at 7:54 pm

story behind the bible J.K. Alexander’s new book, The Story Behind the Bible, is not just for longtime Christians. With facts, insightful commentary, classic illustrations, and even a few flights of fantasy, Alexander’s book weaves a magnetic and through provoking journey through the most ancient texts of the Bible. In an effort to avoid a typical Bible study, Alexander shares his own unique perspectives on how and why events in the Bible occurred.

Meet the author and get your copy of The Story Behind the Bible signed at Crooked Tree Coffeehouse this Saturday, February 2 from 3 to 5 p.m.



Harvard Architecture Professor to Speak at Magnolia Theater 2.13.13

Posted by    |    January 16th, 2013 at 9:29 pm

When: February 13 @ 7 pm

Where: Magnolia Theater (West Village at 3699 McKinney Ave)

Tickets: $20 GA, $5 for students with valid ID

john stilgoe harvardCalling all current and future architects, you do not want to miss this. The Dallas Architecture Forum presents Harvard Graduate School of Design’s landscape architecture professor, John Stilgoe, as part of its 2012-13 lectures.

No reservations are needed to attend Forum lectures.  Dallas Architecture Forum members receive free admission to all regular Forum lectures as a benefit of membership, and AIA members can earn one hour of CE credit for each lecture.   For more information on the Dallas Architecture Forum, visit www.dallasarchitectureforum.org or call 214-764-2406.


“John Stilgoe is the Orchard Professor of History of Landscape Development at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.  He also holds a joint appointment to the Harvard College of Arts and Sciences, where he is Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies.  Stilgoe is a widely recognized expert on the history and future of North American built landscapes.  Stilgoe conducts research on subjects ranging from national critical infrastructure to energy-independent housing and to old-field landscape. Stilgoe is currently completing a monograph on photography, glamour, and extreme landscape. He is a recipient of the Francis Parkman, George Hilton, and Bradford Williams medals, the AIA award for collaborative research, and the Charles C. Eldredge Prize for art-history research. Stilgoe is also a fellow of the Society of American Historians.

Stilgoe is currently researching a project that examines the changing landscape of rural America since 1915 and projects massive changes in the immediate future. His research also is focused on the future of large-scale landscapes away from cities.  The role of how the academic discipline of geography shapes both public and private policy is also in Stilgoe’s current research.  Stilgoe is a widely published and honored author.  Over 85 of his essays and articles have been published in a variety of academic journals and magazines.  He is the author of ten books including Outside Lies Magic; Alongshore;  Shallow-Water Dictionary: A Grounding in Estuary English;  Borderland: Origins of the American Suburb, 1820-1939; Metropolitan Corridor: Railroads and the American Scene (George Hilton Medal); Common Landscape of America, 1580 to 1845 (Francis Parkman Medal); and other works. Stilgoe is a Fellow of the Society of American Historians and winner of the ASLA Bradford Williams Medal and the AIA medal for collaborative research.”


Dallas plays dress up

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I imagine this is how most of my conversations will go today:

So Laura, what did you do last night?

Oh, you know. Went to a cocktail party with a high profile fashion designer and a Heisman Trophy winner. No biggie. Typical Thursday night.

The best part is: I’m not kidding.

In a few weeks, Dallas, and the massive edifice that is the new Cowboys Stadium, will be home to Super Bowl XLV, and consequently, floods of football fans and fashion fanatics.

Last night, the Azure in Uptown hosted the 10th Annual Off The Field Kickoff Cocktail Party, featuring the fashions of 2007 Texas Top Designer, Abi Ferrin. Trisha Ewert and Regina Bruce hosted the event benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. At the close of the Super Bowl events, Abi will donate 10% of her sales to St. Jude. During the event, one of Abi’s signature 5-Way dresses was raffled off, as well as an autographed football from Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Brown. (more…)

A Dueling Piano Bar in Uptown? Checkmate.

Posted by    |    October 26th, 2010 at 5:09 pm

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m hardest on the ones I love. My dad has been writing books for years, and I’m his harshest critic. My mother is a thespian (and dramatic enough to call herself such instead of actress), but same thing, I feel like I’m the most pessimistic about her work. So, recently my bf informed me of his plans to open a dueling piano bar in Uptown called the Penguin (yes, same bf that left me down at the Cotton Bowl for Tx/Ou). I don’t know if I’m realistic or just an A-hole, but I was a tad concerned to say the least. Bars not only require alcohol and drunken college girls, they survive on atmosphere, a certain feel, a vibe if you know what I mean. I’ve seen Mic’s passion for décor and atmosphere, and well; let’s leave it at me being concerned for the Penguin’s livelihood. (more…)


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Young professionals rejoice: This Saturday, day drinking isn’t restricted to college kids. The 3rd annual All About Uptown Festival will rage from 11am-10pm (enough time for you to recover from Friday night and continue bar-hopping into the morning). For your freelancer pockets, the admission is gratis. Festivities will occur on Fairmount Street between McKinney Ave and Cedar Springs, and free parking is offered at the Crescent Real Estate Tower. Chefs from Sambuca, State & Allen, The Capital Grille, and more will be whipping up tasty treats, and local bands like A Hard Day’s Night will be performing. Intriguing fact: Cemetery tours are being held. More intriguing fact: The tours are self-directed. Now I’m just plain curious. Prepare your livers, and I will see you, my fellow Uptowners, this Saturday.

Bar-Bias (adjust your outlook accordingly)

Posted by    |    August 10th, 2010 at 3:42 pm

I have years* of experience bar-hopping around Dallas, and I’ve deduced that if there is a dance floor present at the venue, I probably hate it (with the exception of Madison Avenue, which, to my dismay, is no longer in existence). Cue the arrival of the new** Manhattan Lounge. Naturally I had to check it out because:

A) My friends and I have a knack for downing pitcher(s) of Rumbaritas at Mattito’s, which is next door (hello saving on cab fare).
B) I enjoy being at the center of attention.

I so badly wanted to hate Manhattan Lounge. I wanted to hate the awesome DJ who played my favorite going out songs (if I hear Britney’s Piece of Me, all I have to say is: look out). I wanted to hate all of the beautiful, amiable people who surrounded me. I even wanted to hate the overpriced drinks that I could have saved two whole dollars on at Black Friar. But it was the best damn vodka water I’ve ever had so I’m going to have to go back there again. I had the most miserably wonderful night and it’s too bad that I freaking loved the place and am already planning my outfit for this weekend.

*All two of them

**This depends on your definition of “new”. If you consider “new” to be a refurnished building that has been present for years with a different sign out front, then yes, Manhattan Lounge is new; however, if you’ve ever been to Zodiac or Central Park, you’re not experiencing déjà vu. You have actually been to this location at a previous time.