Dog days are every day at Uptown’s new Mutts Cantina

Posted by    |    June 20th, 2013 at 10:06 pm

For those of us who feel that two of the best ways to spend a summer day are hanging out with friends eating good food and taking your dog to the dog park Mutts Cantina has given us great place to do both at the same time because this brand new spot is a restaurant and dog park all in one! Located on the former Hank Haney Golf Course land Mutts Cantina offers your dog 2 acres of open space to run and romp and with it being and open air restaurant your pup is more than welcome to join you and your friends for cold drinks and tasty food.


Owners of Mutts with their pups: Josh Sepkowitz with Boomer, Jeremy Frazer with Chewie, Kyle Noonan with Landry

Along with a dog park Mutts Cantina offers a full service restaurant and bar serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week. Specializing in classic American food Mutts will be serving all your lunch and dinner favorites  like burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, beer and wine with breakfast choices ranging from coffee and breakfast tacos to yogurt parfaits and donuts. Besides the dog park, al fresco dining for up to 200 people and delicious food options here are three more reasons Mutts is a great place to spend time with your two and four legged friends

1.They only use naturally raised, grass-fed beef, with no hormones or antibiotics from Harris Farms and their hotdogs are made with Nathan’s Famous 100% beef franks

2. Hypnotic Donuts will be the ones supplying Mutts with their donut selection and vegan options will be available Monday and Tuesdays

3. All their draft beer selections will come from Dallas-based breweries.


100% beef!


Vegan options available but not shown











Ginger Man’s Annual Chili Cook-Off

Posted by    |    February 27th, 2013 at 10:05 pm

Chili. Tons of beer. Live Texas music. Chili. gingerman chili cookoff

Texas Independence Day may mostly be about winning our independence from Mexico, but our cowboy hatted friends up above would likely smile down upon us if we also made it a little about chili.

So bring your best recipe or an empty stomach for tastin’ to The Ginger Man this Saturday, March 2 at noon, for their annual Chili Cook-Off. All proceeds benefit the Dallas Habitat for Humanity, so bring money for raffle tickets and the opportunity to win some prizes.

Loose pants recommended.

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Drink for Democracy!

Posted by    |    October 4th, 2012 at 7:34 pm

drink for democracyDrink for Democracy is an event created to help motivate the Dallas community to get up and vote by bringing a social element to the voting process. The Official Drink for Democracy Happy Hour will take place on October 27 from 4 – 6pm at Dish Restaurant and Lounge but this easy-to-use website has created an incentive for potential drinkers to stay involved throughout the entire election period. Once you cast your vote, you will be eligible to receive a verification email that allows access to special Drink for Democracy deals at participating restaurants including The Union Bear, Zini’s Pizzeria and The People’s Last Stand.

drink for democracy


TAP Uptown: Music and Service with Purpose

Posted by    |    August 1st, 2011 at 9:28 pm

What it is: Starting tomorrow night, St. John’s Wood in Uptown will host a music and service series every Tuesday night in August


Who it is:

8/2: Smile Smile

8/9: Rodney Parker & The 50 Peso Reward

8/16: Justin Brooks

8/23: Trophy Wives (side project of Somebody’s Darling)

8/28: Service Project Day

8/30: The O’s

Why you should go: You probably live next door to St. John’s Wood

Why you should really go: Food and drink specials, local talent, creating community and helping your neighborhood. The service project is at North Dallas High School in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters between the fourth and fifth week of the TAP series

Where you should go: St John’s Wood is located at 2908 McKinney Ave Dallas. Event begins at 8PM, music starts at 8:30PM

What To Do In Uptown Tonight: Indie Thursdays at Sfuzzi

Posted by    |    January 27th, 2011 at 11:00 pm

I know, I know.  Indie music and Uptown go together about as much as family friendly and lower Greenville.  But trust me, I found it.  And it’s awesome.  And it comes with late night pizza.

If you know me, you know I’m not exactly an Uptown girl.  I’m definitely more of a Henderson girl.  And I never thought I’d be caught dead hanging out at a place that my parents used to frequent back in the early 90’s….but Sfuzzi is back, and it has won me (and everyone else I know) over.

Twenty five years ago, on this very street, Robert Colombo’s original Sfuzzi opened in Dallas. Known for it’s fresh, innovative Italian foods, and lively social setting, Sfuzzi became a McKinney Avenue landmark. Now, Sfuzzi is back. The new Sfuzzi harkens back to the roots of an old New York City pizzeria, centered on our commitment to serving fresh pizzas and pasta, wonderful wine and beverages, and, oh yes, a dash of great music.

True, the lady behind that great music is a dear friend of mine, but trust me when I say that DJ Elizabeth Farrell knows her stuff.  Never a dull moment when this lady provides the soundtrack – there is always a dance off.  Multiple dance offs, actually.  Feel free to put in your requests…just don’t ask her for any top 40.  (Heard on our last visit: Phantogram, Yeasayer, The Strokes, Geographer, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys…I could keep going.  And we did.  Until 3 AM.) (more…)

They’ve been watching you

Posted by    |    January 24th, 2011 at 10:52 pm

The bartenders in Uptown can probably tell you more about your recent life history than your parents. And while you may have a catch-up date with mom, pops, and your cell phone every Sunday night, nothing can summarize what you’ve been up to in recent weeks like the whereabouts of your debit card. And to whom are you handing that debit card? Your friendly neighborhood Uptown bartender, patrolling the counter at the MAT, Blackfriar, Renfields, Idle Rich, and/or Quarter Bar, assuming you can walk down the road far enough in your high heels or platform shoes, as seen sported by former The Bachelor contestant Jake Pavelka. (It’s true – we saw it with our own eyes.)

Makes you wonder if they know on how many occasions you’ve worn too much eyeliner. Or the same leather jacket. Or if they refer to you behind the counter as “that chick who just can’t seem to switch to beer in time”. Or if they actually know you by name, whereas your memory span for whom you’ve demanded “jack and coke” is about the length of an anterograde amnesia goldfish. They can even probably predict what time you’ll arrive at their bar and which friends you’ll be with, as if standing around toxic alcohol fumes has instilled them with 80-proof ESP.

They see you. It’s probably time to ditch the leather jacket.

Uptown’s Edible Alcohol

Posted by    |    January 19th, 2011 at 11:17 pm

If thirst were geographical, mine would be the Sahara desert. And water is the last thing that will quench my sand dune of a mouth. Even though it is the middle of the work week, all I can think about is alcohol: martinis to be specific. But not just run-of-the-mill, as-seen-on-Mad Men, what’s-hiding-in-your-Grandfather’s-liquor-cabinet martinis. Keith Thomas LaBonte, Molecular Mixologist, is the creator of the most innovative and delectable martinis. And they can be found at Four Lounge in Uptown.

Chances are you’ve walked by Four Lounge and had no idea. You’ve also probably Googled it, thought it sounded really cool, attempted to check it out, couldn’t find it, and ended up walking one block to TABC. I know this because I have encountered all of the above in my hunt for an alternative to my usual watering holes. (more…)