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Uptown’s Top Tex-Mex?

Posted by    |    July 22nd, 2010 at 10:29 pm

When visiting Uptown, diners have a variety of delicious restaurants to choose from, ranging from upscale eateries to dive bars. I know this as I have visited most of them! But when I have friends in town, and I want them to experience classic, over-the-top Tex-Mex, Mattito’s is a must. Located on Routh Street, its obnoxiously festive colors are impossible to miss. Inside the same bright colors — plus a decor heavy on sombreros and piñatas — demands that you be happy. At Mattito’s, it is basically like a college bar happy hour every hour of the day.

Attention, appetizer lovers: one item you can’t miss is the Bob Armstrong dip. Though you now have to order this item “off-menu” (didn’t Matt Martinez invent that?), it has garnered many foodie fans over the years. Simply put, it is queso on steroids, with layers of taco meat, guacamole, and sour cream all mixed in.

In addition to world class enchiladas and other entrees, Mattito’s was voted one of the Top Ten Tequila Bars in the United States. Patrons and newcomers alike flock to this restaurant for their signature cocktail, the Rumba Rita, which is a large blue frozen concoction resembling a margarita. But beware, Rumba Rita’s have only a 2-drink limit (with good reason) so approach with caution! Drink two of these babies and you’ll sing Mattito’s praises, too!