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South Dallas In The Snow

Posted by    |    February 12th, 2014 at 7:31 pm

South Side in the Snow (2)

Actual snow is an unusual thing here in Texas. When it comes to “arctic blasts,” harsh ice and sleet are about all we get, and it’s never fun. Have you seen Frozen yet? That “eternal winter” the kingdom gets trapped in? That’s an enviable situation, in my opinion, compared to intense Texas winter weather. You can’t make cute snow angels with your little sister in half-solid, half-marshy, dirt-sprinkled ice clumps. You can’t build Frosty The Snowman with golf ball-sized hail. You just can’t. Very painful “snowball” fights which often result in injuries are about as Disney-montage-worthy as it gets. Last Friday, though, something magical happened. It snowed. Like… actual, real, genuine snow. The kind that falls softly and slowly from the sky, sugar-coating men’s beards and settling on window panes oh-so picturesquely. Some friends and I were in South Dallas for lunch and decided to stop by the NYLO and South Side at Lamar to capture this rare occasion.

Nylo in the Snow (1)

That soft, silent snowfall was certainly peaceful, but after a few minutes of shooting, we were too pathetically cold to really take it all in. We warmed  up at the Baby Back Shak on South Akard with some of the best ribs, beans, and coleslaw I’ve ever had in my life (more details on that heavenly lunch to come soon!).

South Side in the Snow (1)
Nylo in the Snow (3)
Nylo in the Snow (2)

Full Circle Tavern – South Side’s New Hot (Sandwich) Spot

Posted by    |    May 10th, 2013 at 10:51 pm

After finally snagging a table to enjoy our free barbeque sandwiches and beer at last night’s opening of Full Circle Tavern, my friend and I both began to wonder, “Why aren’t there more restaurants over here?”

full circle tavern - south dallas

South Side’s new cool place to grab a beer or a sandwich (but like craft beer and gourmet sandwiches) is located in between the equally cool NYLO hotel and Gilley’s. Their aptly named grand opening, “Rollin’ with the Homies,” was jam packed with the friendly hipsters that tend to frequent the area along with Full Circle Tavern gals Jennifer Bonner and Lara Whittington. It was casual, music-filled, and completely welcoming.


Michael Mueller, President and CEO of NYLO Hotels, on the Growing Dallas Market, South Side, and Jack Matthews

Posted by    |    April 16th, 2013 at 4:44 pm

After relocating his entire headquarters to Dallas, Michael Mueller, President and CEO of NYLO Hotels, is the perfect example of why North Texas is a growing and welcoming market.

Mueller, along with Jack Matthews and Donnie Nelson, recently spoke at an event for CEOLink, a Texas non-profit member based organization that acts as a welcome committee for CEOs that have relocated to Texas.


Enroute Welcomes CEOs to DFW and Spotlights South Side

Posted by    |    February 7th, 2013 at 10:47 pm

Imagine this: you’re a CEO who has recently relocated or expanded your business to DFW, and you don’t know a soul. Okay, maybe one soul, but that’s not enough to get you fully plugged in to the corporate scene. You have to start from the ground up, meet well-connected and established CEOs and businessmen and women who have lived there for years and hope to make some connections. That’s what Matthews Southwest CEO Jack Matthews had to do when he relocated from Canada to Dallas in March of 1994.

Then imagine this:  you’re a CEO who has recently relocated or expanded your business to DFW, and you don’t know a soul. So you join Enroute, a group of DFW private sector leaders and influencers who welcome you into their network of like-minded people. Their mission: to work collectively with those who helped build it and those who will be a part of its ongoing legacy. Sounds a little easier, right?

ed curtis enroute


Happy Hour on the Rooftop SODA Bar – NYLO Dallas South Side

Posted by    |    September 28th, 2012 at 4:57 pm

In honor of our second consecutive Dallas Observer ‘Best Dallas Website’ win last week, YouPlusDallas took to the roof of the new NYLO Dallas South Side to celebrate. Apart from having arguably the coolest view of Dallas, the rooftop hosts an infinity pool, a foosball table, a fire pit and some seriously tasty appetizers and cocktails. The French 75 was fantastic and the Soda Bar’s cheese plate is top notch.  You can never go wrong with a cheese plate.

We enjoyed a little after work chitchat.

NYLO South Side rooftop soda bar

Uploaded some videopinions for The Box Score (the work of those at the ‘Best Dallas Website’ is never done).

NYLO South Side rooftop soda bar

Ate some Street Tacos.

NYLO South Side rooftop soda bar

And took in a breathtaking view of beautiful Downtown Dallas. 

Nylo Downtown Dallas view


NYLO Dallas South Side Grand Opening

Posted by    |    August 21st, 2012 at 7:45 pm

Mike Muller, Dan Healy, Mike Rawlings, Pauline Medrano and Jack Mike Muller, Dan Healy, Mike Rawlings, Pauline Medrano and Jack Matthews at the NYLO Dallas South Side ribbon cuttingMatthews at the NYLO ribbon cutting

Mike Muller, Dan Healy, Mike Rawlings, Pauline Medrano and Jack Matthews at the NYLO ribbon cutting

On Monday, August 20, Mayor Mike Rawlings cut the ribbon for the grand opening ceremony of NYLO Dallas South Side. The third NYLO in Dallas was converted from a 102-year-old building next to South Side on Lamar into a boutique, LEED certified urban hotel. Yesterday marked an important day for those who have worked on developing the hotel, but it also marked a milestone for the revitalized South Side and anyone watching as Dallas transforms into a world-class city.

NYLO Dallas South Side features art created by local artists specifically for the hotel and effectively reflects the soul of the hip neighborhood. The hotel also features the French-inspired Terrace Bistro and the inevitably cool rooftop Soda Bar with infinity pool, casual grill, and an unforgettable view of downtown.