Urban Market: A South Dallas Provider

Posted by    |    July 1st, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Photo courtesy of urbanmarketdallas.com

From wine to Raman Noodles, the Urban Market provides supermarket items in the comfort of a small convenient store setting.

According to the Urban Market website, they are the only full-service grocery store serving the downtown Dallas area.

Along with its stocked shelves of popular name-brand items, Urban Market plays host to a café with delicious-looking foods on the menu.

Urban Market has two locations. I explored the one located at 1409 South Lamar in the basement of the red South Side building.

What I loved about this place is its convenience. Residents who live in the lofts on the floors above can be at the market in as long as it takes to push a button and call the elevator.

However, it is rather small. So, I’d recommend popping in for only the essentials like bread, eggs and milk. If you are looking for tofu noodles or truffles, I’d suggest bypassing this place.

The people greeted me a smile with a polite “Hello, how are you.” I’m a big fan of customer service and appreciated the fact that they actually acknowledged a customer. Don’t you hate it when you walk into a place and all they do is watch you browse? Awkward.

It took me only a minute or two to make a complete lap around the place, but I did spot several familiar items. And because of this, I consider it a good place for quick-stop shopping.

Check out their website for more information and weekly deals.

Photo Courtesy of urbanmarketdallas.com

Samantha Cangelosi is a Guest Writer for local media company YouPlusDallas. She is a Senior at Southern Methodist University studying Journalism and History. Follow her on Twitter at @samanthacang.

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