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I’ve seen this building many times, but when people described it to me I could never place its location. Until I realized it’s the biggest beacon of South Dallas.

I’m talking about the big red and white structure: The South Side on Lamar.

Built in 1910 as the merchandising center for Sears, Roebuck & Co.’s catalog for the Southwest region, today this colossal building is home to hundred’s of residents and businesses. It also boasts the title of National Historic Landmark.

You can find people of all types living and working in this building. Artists, doctors, fashion designers and even online news companies.

As I strolled along the first floor yesterday, I passed photo galleries, fashion stores and even a hula-hoop maker.

To me, it was charming, but there is still a lot of room for growth.

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I know that when some people think of the south side, an unpleasant image comes to mind; however, a massive revamping initiative has been taking place over recent years to change that perception. In fact, in 2003, the Dallas Police Headquarters was built just across the street.

The city has been trying to bring in more restaurants, retail shops and residential structures into the area, and I think the effort is slowly, but surely working.

I love the fact that Dallas has such a strong history and I’m always a little sad to see such old, beautiful buildings sit there unused and unkempt. That’s why I think this building has such charm. It still holds on to its historic roots, but offers a modern way of living and working.


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Samantha Cangelosi is a Guest Writer for local media company YouPlusDallas. She is a Senior at Southern Methodist University studying Journalism and History. Follow her on Twitter at @samanthacang.

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