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Mack Brown Must Retire

Sunday, September 8th, 2013

After viewing last night’s performance against a pedestrian BYU team, it should be clear that Coach Brown must retire at season’s end.   It is unfortunate that Mack Brown, who led UT out of the desert after decades of mediocrity, would go out this way. Clearly UT’s on-the-field performance must now override UT’s financial performance, which has been absolutely spectacular by any measure during Mack Brown’s tenure at UT.  Just in case you do not know, UT’s football program generates over $100 mm in revenues and a 75% profit margin.  Without it, UT’s other athletic departments would suffer greatly.

UT is a rational economic unit, and in the case of Coach Brown, financial performance and Brown’s trips to the big game in ’05 and ’09 has certainly justified the patience UT’s power elite has granted Brown in the hopes of a turnaround.  The BYU game and the 2010-2012 performance taken in its entirety, however, should be Brown’s equivalent of Rout 66, and we anticipate and hope UT will make a move at the end of the year.