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“Tornado coming … Everyone Out On the Roof!”

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

When word  spread through the You+Media offices that a tornado had touched down in Oak Cliff, our intrepid CEO Jeff Hinson shouted, “Let’s go get a look at that thing!” and he hurried up to the rooftop deck. You can’t teach that kind of leadership. Alas, the grey monster swirled along the western side of downtown, too far away for us thrill-seeking media types. All we got out of it were some interesting new hairstyles.

More than 160 tornadoes whip through Texas every year, most through open territory with little or no damage. The last big twister in North Texas hit Fort Worth in March of 2000 and killed 4 people and did $300 million in damage. In Dallas? You have to go back to April 2, 1957, when a brutal tornado ripped through the city and killed 10 people. That was a long time ago, but Mother Nature stills awes — and fascinates — and we go up on rooftops to marvel at her power.