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Five People From Finland Love YouPlusDallas

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

I am not one for over-analyzing, but I do enjoy my daily report from Google Analytics as to who is viewing our new website. It’s like running a hotel in the old days when you could look at the Guest Registry and see who was staying in your rooms. Take yesterday for example. We had 1,678 ‘unique’ visitors (repeat visits by the same person don’t count) and 3,629 page views. This means that we’re tracking towards 40,000+ monthly users and 100,000 monthly page views. Not bad. Quantcast tells me that out of the 294 million websites in existence, ranks in the top 140,000 for monthly traffic. Put it on a t-shirt!

While Dallas is, duh, our top market, we are also wildly popular in Canada (55 users yesterday!), the U.K., Australia, and a dozen other countries. At the end of the list I found Finland, where a whopping 5 out of the 5.3 million population are currently enjoying our site. My guess is the You+Helsinki is not far away. Tell your friends!