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Dallas Mayoral Election

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

The Dallas mayoral election is rapidly approaching, and YouPlusDallas wants to hear your thoughts. Know your candidates. Lend your voice. Change your city.

Ron Natinsky

Ron Natinsky brings some new ideas to refresh and improve the Dallas area.

To begin, he faces the issue that everyone knows so well: improving the economy. He plans to do build Dallas’s economy by creating jobs.

The next issue is crime rates. He claims he will decline crime rates even further and attempt to keep Dallas safe.

One thing he wants citizens to know is he supports the arts and quality-of-life. To ensure quality-of-life, he wants to better our beautiful parks and put stronger libraries into place.

Similar to other Dallas mayor candidates, he wants to improve the public education system. Natinsky hones in on lowering dropout rates, increasing the amount of recognized schools and improving graduation rates.

Lastly, he wants to honor the Downtown area, and do this by revitalizing the transportation options, making parking less of a stressful chore and much more.

David Kunkle

What is David Kunkle all about? From saving animals to bumping up Dallas’s economy, he’s got a few ideas for the future of Dallas.

As the former Dallas police chief, Kunkle emphasizes the importance of public safety. Without safe streets and neighborhoods, there isn’t much room for improvement.

The next issue is economic growth in the Dallas metroplex. He supports small businesses and large employers, claiming they both create hundreds of jobs and will boost our economy. And one thing he promises: he will not raise taxes.

Another important issue to Kunkle is the public school system. He would like to continue to better relationships with local area school districts and outreach programs. On top of this, he supports the arts as well as sports within schools. To him, this completes education.

And finally, Kunkle believes too many animals are being euthanized in Dallas animal shelters. An overwhelming majority of animals put in shelters are being killed rather than adopted, and he wants to put an end to this by enacting a no-kill policy.

Edward Opka

Edward Opka is looking to improve our city through his DEEP platform: the Dallas Economic Empowerment Plan. DEEP concerns issues like Public Safety, Budget, New Jobs, Neighborhood Revitalization, International Trade, and Education.

Opka knows that Dallas is a prime location for business, and he is working on attracting domestic and foreign businesses to relocate to our city in order to prove our economy.

Opka is working on an initiative to eliminate practices that add to the deficit, as well as ensure that lay-offs will be a last resort.

In matters of community, Opka wants to implement a neighborhood improvement program to increase market appreciation. He also wants to help the ‘Dark Triangle,’ the area of the city with the least amount of attention and resources.

When our neighborhoods are filled with the forces that protect our city, crime is reduced. Opka wants to provide police officers with incentive to live in Dallas, instead of having them travel from outside the city borders to work each day.

Mike Rawlings

A sense of community is critical in thriving cities. Mike Rawlings wants smooth roads, beautiful parks, and recreational activities present in our city for the community to enjoy.

Rawlings wants to protect taxpayers by finding ways to propel the Dallas infrastructure without reaching into the pockets of taxpayers.

Cities need to grow economically in order to survive. Rawlings wants to attract large and small businesses to the Dallas area in order to bring new jobs to our city.

Thriving neighborhoods have a great public school system, and Rawlings believes that strong schools will build strong neighborhoods. It is his intention to enhance our public school system.

Rawlings wants to work to maintain or better the standard of reducing crime rate in Dallas by ensuring there are 3 police officers to every 1,000 citizens.

Dallasites, we want to hear your response! Your voice should be heard. A unique feature of YouPlusDallas is Videopinions, which allow anyone to ask a question, and respond by uploading or recording your own video, right from your computer or mobile phone. This opinion will be housed on the YouPlusDallas website where other people can view the questions, see your response, and vote on those topics. This feature allows everyone to have a voice before the vote. Remember, Know your candidates. Lend your voice. Change your city. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.