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Charter Cable Refuses to Support TiVo Subscribers in Dallas

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Normally an upgrade of your cable system would be a good thing, so when Charter Cable said they would upgrade their HD services, little did we know that they simultaneously and purposefully had decided not to support my TiVo, the best DVR experience ever.   So when we TiVoed Mad Men last night in order to watch the latest episode later that evening, we were surprised and angered to click on our TiVo to watch some shopping network hawking computers.

Charter Cable went further, and stated that they would not support TiVo, and if we wanted to record television shows in the future supported by an accurate channel guide, we would have to take a Charter recorder.  This company does not care about servicing their community unless it suits their own products.  You can complain to the FCC, or, call Charter and see if they will actually talk to you.