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“Under The Arches” Captures ‘Urban Artistry’

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

At least that’s what one art gallery owner told me tonight at our swanky concert-painting-wine drinking and media affair. Turning the parking plaza of our 92-year-old building into a concert venue was another light bulb moment for our Mad Hatter CEO Jeff Hinson, and with the stylish guidance of Events Diva Elisabeth Jordan, it was a rousing success. (I say was — it is actually still going on outside my door.)  The star duo was painter Rolando Diaz and pianist Seth Simmons, who have developed a wonderful concept called Euforia, where Ro paints as Seth plays. It works. And the whole thing played even better in the open air with the cacophonous roar of Commerce and Jackson street traffic providing background ambiance. Art is a blessing that elevates, especially in the cool October Dallas night with the skyline shining as bright as the crescent moon.

In The House: Ro Diaz

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

The You+Media offices are getting a major upgrade, thanks to artist Rolando Diaz, whose colorful canvases are going up as we speak. Diaz, a Cuban-born painter whose family fled Castro’s oppressive Communist regime when he was very young, is performing at a special YPM event this week. It’s called “Euforia Live, Under the Arches” and it involves Diaz creating a custom oil painting right before your eyes as renowned pianist Seth Simmons provides a stirring soundtrack.

Relentlessly positive and bursting with creativity, Ro Diaz is a force of artistic nature. He has traveled the world and harbors a special affinity for Europe. He remains keenly connected to his native Cuba, and much of the work he creates is intended to connect us to the plight of the poor who need our support. Diaz is a truly generous, likable guy (shown here with You+Media events director Elizabeth Jordan) who spreads joy. Ro, you are always welcome!

Art? Can? Huh?

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Okay. I’m picturing the Red Bull marketing group, all together on a national retreat, discussing creative ideas to promote their brand. After 2 or 3 Chambulls, a voice suggests an art competition based solely on art derived from Red Bull cans. The rest of the group chuckles and looks to refill their glasses. One experienced, spikey-haired kind of guy, who really understands the brand, pauses, and then nods. Thus, the Art of the Can is born.

Elizabeth Barnwell, Dallas artist, says “art is the act of creating;” well, creation was the definitely on display at the second Dallas Art of the Can exhibit being held at The Galleria Dallas. The Red Bull Art of the Can is a hunt for creativity and is open to everyone, from full-time artists to those with a creative itch. There are no rules but this one: Red Bull cans must be the primary material for your art.

I love, love this idea. It’s so out-of-the-box (or can!) that it has major appeal to my right brain needs. This traveling contest/exhibit, taking place across the world since 1997, is really one of the most innovative art shows I have ever seen. And, get this: the art is really good.

Get out to the Galleria Dallas this week and check it out. Oh yeah, one of the exhibits is a life-sized Red Bull racing plane. Yea – it’s crazy, but its Red bull – so anything goes!

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