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Would You Paint Your Soles Red?

Posted by    |    July 11th, 2012 at 10:57 am

The real deal

The Huffington Post recently ran an article discussing the rise in sales of glossy red paint and red stickers for the soles of high heels, attributing the spike in sales to the popularity of the exquisite and expensive Christian Louboutins.

As strange as this may seem, I was out with a friend of mine recently who admitted to painting her soles red. I was shocked; I was convinced her nude pumps were worth more than triple their actual price. “Well, if you can get away with it,” I thought. But as the night progressed, so did the amount of ground we covered in our heels. By midnight, the shoes were in need of a touch up. The idea was immediately ruined for me. The only thing worse than not being able to afford the real thing would be the world’s discovery that you had created your very own Flouboutins (fake loubies).