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Kristi and Scot Redman: the Forces Behind ‘D Style Sheet’

Posted by    |    November 30th, 2011 at 12:31 pm

Kristi and Scot Redman, the founders of D Style Sheet (formerly Hilltop Glossy), are film graduates from SMU with an eye for style and a passion for photography. Their cinematic, “capture the moment” style has brought Dallas’ fashion and street style to life.

How did you get the idea for Hilltop Glossy?

Scot was finishing his last semester at SMU and we just couldn’t get over the fashion changes that were happening on campus. It’s so innovative and youthful. It honestly rivals what you see in Paris or London, and we felt that we wanted to share that with the world.

photo courtesy of D Style Sheet

You take such incredible photos, what inspired your “capture the moment” style?

I think our photography style is a direct result of our film degree backgrounds. It’s very cinematic, dreamy, and photojournalistic. We always strive to tell a story through the image. And, of course, we’re both in love with photography greats like Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Richard Avedon, and Helmut Newton.

You clearly have an eye for fashion, how would you describe your own style?

Since our job is to look at fashion, we are always taking away bits and pieces of it for our own style. It’s always evolving, which is very exciting.

What do you look for when on a shoot? For example, what moments do you look to capture on SMU’s campus?

We shoot fashion that is cutting-edge, very personal style, and usually playing with current trends. SMU has created a fashion culture where girls, and guys, experiment with trends, brands, and worldly influences in ways that only stylists and fashion editors interpret looks. (more…)