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A Hilton in the House This Friday

Posted by    |    March 19th, 2012 at 10:30 am

Nope, it ain’t Paris.  It isn’t (slightly reclusive) Nicky Hilton.  It’s the lady who spawned both aforementioned socialites, Kathy Hilton.  Making a personal appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Galleria Dallas, Mrs. Hilton will be showing off her Spring 2012 dress collection. According to Kathy, ““My collection will allow women searching for a glamorous ‘special occasion’ dress, long, short or in-between, to find something unique for their lifestyles, without breaking the bank. I have always wanted to reach these women, and with this Collection, I believe we have.”
From the photos of Kathy’s private collection viewing party, I have to say that these dresses look sweet and feminine, and perfectly tailored for a cocktail party or special event. You can get a quick looks of the designs here.
Even if you aren’t a Hilton fan, take note that wine will be served, so there is even more incentive to trot into Saks. But if you ARE a Hilton fan, Kathy is going to be giving autographs and taking photos, so get ready to tweet that Instagram photo of you and the Hilton Grande Dame. Side note: I interviewed Kathy Hilton and her husband a few years back, and they were polite, friendly, and obviously very savvy. Here’s hoping this dress collection is also “money in the bank”.
The Particulars:
March 23, 2012 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Make an appointment: 972.716.5205
Saks Fifth Avenue, Galleria Dallas 13350 Dallas Parkway Dallas TX, 75240