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Affordable Last-Minute Valentine Romance

Posted by    |    February 13th, 2012 at 2:22 pm

It’s tomorrow, people.  The day of love, romance, and candy hearts.  Have you scooped up something sweet for your Valentine?  If not, shame on you. You should have known spending those extra hours on Pinterest or watching Reservoir Dogs for the millionth time would make you late with your shopping.

No worries, procrastinator-types. Here are a few affordable, easy, and local gift suggestions you can grab in the next 24 hours to avoid your beloved’s disappointment.

1. A Cup of Tea.  So, a Starbucks gift card isn’t exactly romantic.  How about a warm, rich, cup of tea instead?  Teavana (with multiple locations across the metroplex,) offers a delightful assortment of delicious loose leaf teas that even the most picky tea lover will appreciate.

The quality is excellent, the prices are mid-level, and you can even sample their most popular teas right in the store to find the one you like best.  With 4 oz. of premium tea leaves averaging out to around $34, you and your sweetie can sip by the fire and rekindle your romance. (I recommend Youth Berry or White Ayruvedic Chai.) (more…)