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Bean’s Pop Star Fashion Formula

Posted by    |    July 26th, 2012 at 8:30 am

In today’s sea of pop star hopefuls, it takes more than a great voice to stand out. Bean, an up-and-coming pop star from Texas, is the real deal. Aside from her big voice and catchy tunes, this little ball of fire’s personal style captures her music as well as her audience.

Her performance at House of Blues is the perfect example. A glittering black jacket and neon yellow skirt represented the mainstream pop side of Bean while her big Brigitte Bardot curls and Marilyn Monroe-inspired top encompassed the 50s/60s retro vibe in her music. And those red lips? That’s something Bean has made all her own. Her manager said that he knows how close she is to being ready depending on whether or not her red lips are in full swing.  (more…)

How To: Lipstick That Lasts All Day

Posted by    |    July 25th, 2012 at 11:19 am

I can’t tell you how many pictures I’ve seen of myself where I thought, Why didn’t I just reapply my dang lipstick! So when I stumbled upon Glamour’s article about making your lipstick last, I was all over it. Amy Nadine, celebrity makeup artist to the likes of Lauren Conrad and Rachel Bilson as well as co-founder of, gave Glamour her guide to getting bold color that lasts all day.

Step 1: Apply your lipstick of choice or matte lip pencil over your entire lip area. I prefer tarte’s Lip Surgence or Tom Ford lip color.


Step 2: Blot with a tissue by folding it in half it pressing it between your upper and lower lips.  I’m sure a few sheets of Charmin would work just fine here.


Step 3: Grab a blending brush and smother it with loose or pressed powder (translucent works best) then totally mattify the entire lip area.


Step 4: Apply a second layer of lipstick. For serious precision, use a lip brush  (my favorite is from Estée Lauder).


Repeat all 4 steps and enjoy luscious lips that will stay picture perfect all night long. 


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Get the Look (Taylor Swift + Wildfox)

Posted by    |    July 24th, 2012 at 9:29 am

I may be a Southern girl at heart, but when I want to feel my California coolest, I pull on my favorite Wildfox sweatshirt. A little off-the-shoulder action like T. Swift and my coolness factor just about triples. Pair it with an Alexis Bittar ring, Benefit tinted moisturizer and my ever present Tweezerman (so I can attempt T. Swift’s beyond amazing arches) and you’ve got a look that’s casual and comfortable but totally glam.


 Get the look!


Keep It Dapper, Keep It Dry

Posted by    |    July 23rd, 2012 at 11:17 am

What do you get when you combine Northpark’s Original Penguin with local mixologist Jason Kosmas? Well, I’m not totally sure, but I did get the most interesting cocktail I have ever tasted at Original Penguin’s ‘Keep it Dapper, Keep it Dry” event last week.

Kosmas showed me the ins and outs of gin by mixing up some pretty peculiar cocktails. His alcohol of choice was Hendrick’s Gin, which claims to be for “those rare individuals who are excited by what is strange and different.” Upon entering the dapper little store, I was given 3 drink tickets and was determined to use all of them. As there were 3 different cocktails to try, I figured I would test them all. I kept it pretty casual the first two rounds but for my third drink, I needed to get daring. We’re talking Fear Factor style.


Pinch Provisions: Saving the World One Shemergency at a Time

Posted by    |    July 20th, 2012 at 8:15 am

Ever been in a pinch? You know the kind; ripped hem, coffee stains, blisters… shemergencies can happen at any time and nobody is immune. Embrace the unexpected with Pinch Provisions’ personal care kits and emergency essentials.

These adorable little kits cover everything from mimimergencies to serious shemergencies and a special kit just for the moms of the world. They have kits for your wedding party, graduation, and even a ‘College Survival Kit’ (with a Dominoes gift certificate inside). These things are serious lifesavers, not to mention they are freakin’ cute!


Pretty Little Liars’ Fashion Don’ts and Dos

Posted by    |    July 17th, 2012 at 8:30 am

Besides watching old reruns of The Hills, one of my favorite guilty pleasures is Pretty Little Liars. Perhaps it stems from my early adoration of Nancy Drew, but I am obsessed with these four teen sleuths who stiletto around school and say things like “he’s your boyfriend, not a baby squirrel.” I am fascinated by the mysterious city of Rosewood, where your mom can be your teacher and the only after-school activity is looking for clues.


I used to admire the individual styles of each girl: Aria with her pink hair and Free People wardrobe, Hanna’s impressive heel collection, Emily’s enviable tan and Spencer’s tendency to dress like my mom would have wanted me to dress in high school… I guess I really didn’t ever like Spencer’s style repertoire.

Case in point: my mom would love this


A Cure for Toe-besity

Posted by    |    July 16th, 2012 at 11:37 am

As a hater of all things feet, I’ve heard many friends complain over the years of their chubby toes, to which I say, “Ew.” Well, friends, now you can do something about it!

ABC News recently took a look at one of the latest trends in plastic surgery for… your toes. It seems that an extra long toe can be a source of great embarrassment for people, and they’re taking matters into their own hands to fix it.


Paperless Post: A Classy Solution to Evites

Posted by    |    July 13th, 2012 at 1:56 pm

We all know the value of getting a good old-fashioned letter, but we also know what a painstaking process sending that letter can be. I just recently bought my first set of postage stamps and am anticipating it lasting me until my first grandchild is born. I’m not proud of my lazy ways, but I do accept them.

Fortunately, I have found a brilliant way to work around my laziness once again: Paperless Post. It bridges the gap between a good old fashioned invitation and an Evite or my personal lazy-girl go-to: a Facebook event.


The Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook

Posted by    |    July 12th, 2012 at 2:45 pm

If you’ve ever been to the East  Village or Midtown and missed going to Momofuku Milk Bar, this is your opportunity to taste the sweet, sweet magic of this unique, New York bakery. The creators of Crack Pie (which totally lives up to its name) recently released a Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook allowing me to savor the glory of Cereal Milk Soft Serve, Pretzel Milk and Candy Bar Pie all the way from Dallas, TX.

But before I got my hands on this killer cookbook, I was able to whip up my very favorite menu item, Cornflake Marshmallow Cookies, thanks to Daily Candy. It was an INSTANT success. Obviously.


Neiman Marcus and Target Pair Up For the Holidays

Posted by    |    July 11th, 2012 at 4:10 pm


Who could forget the madness that ensued from the Missoni/Target collaboration last fall? Target’s at it again, causing me shopping anxiety 5 months in advance with Women’s Wear Daily’s announcement yesterday that Neiman Marcus and Target are getting together this Christmas for a holiday collection to rival all holiday collections.

The collection hits all 1,763 Target stores as well as 42 select Neiman Marcus stores on December 1 and will be featured on as well as Items will from $7.99 to $499.99, and with featured designers like Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera, Derek Lam, Diane Von Furstenburg, Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Rag & Bone and more, it’s going to be a very good Christmas indeed.

Last year, I was fearful of the mayhem happening at my local Target and will mourn the loss of Missoni flats and luggage for the rest of my days. Never again! Come November 30, you’ll know where to find me. I’ll be one of the crazies with a tent, a sleeping bag, and a basket full of wine and cheese in line at Target. See you there!