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Raising the Bar – New Exercise Trends

Posted by    |    July 13th, 2011 at 8:29 pm

Photo Courtesy of: The Examiner

Although swim suit season has already approached, it’s never too late to get in tiptop shape!  Due to Dallas’s unrelenting heat, you will be able to show off your svelte figures for the next couple of months.

One exercise trend that has swept across not only Dallas but across the nation is Bar classes. Bar classes are a challenging blend of weight training, pilates, and exercises on the ballet bar. Many who have experienced a bar class describe it as ballet with a modern twist to reshaping your whole body.  This workout is perfect for the girl (or guy!) who enjoys an equal blend of cardio and strength training.  Bar classes burn, sculpt, stretch, and tone all areas of your body, specifically the core.  Bar classes are available at Bar Method on Lovers Lane and also Pure Barre located on Greenville.