Kristen Stewart: Rebel Style the New Sexy?

Posted by    |    July 27th, 2012 at 7:00 am

Hot on the heels of the release of those unflattering photos of actress Kristen Stewart canoodling with her “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders, Twi-hards are either wiping away tears or heading for the mall.  How does a 21-year old Stewart, who isn’t known for her warm, fuzzy demeanor or flirtatious attitude hook a 41-year old married father of two and earn the moniker “trampire?”  With rebel style, of course.

Sporting this style is in NO way recommended to begin a tryst with a married person.  But, there may be something ladies can learn from Stewart-men of all ages like a low-maintenance lady.  I think we can all agree that low-maintenance includes the following:

I Just Woke Up” Hair:

Read more Kristen Stewart Rebel Style, and other fashion and beauty tips at YouPlus Style!

Save Money Decorating Your Home

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Who has extra cash sitting around these days for decorating?  Not me, and probably not you, either.  Wallets are thin and gas prices are high, so the world of DIY has really come into play more than usual.  Besides the tried-and-true purchasing of old furniture at estate or garage sales and refinishing them yourself, other simple methods of making your home look fab have started to surface.  And guess what?  Some of them are free (or very cheap).

Let’s start with The Painted Hive’s magic decal transfer tutorial.  You can create customized jars for your kitchen counter or pantry with these free decal templates.  Genius!

Or, what about burlap wrapped vases and votives?  Simply purchase inexpensive burlap and hot glue it to your votive.  Jayson Home sells them for up to $45!
Burlap Vases

Besides these two simple DIY projects, Stylelist Home has the most adorable wall decoration that is FREE to make.  Read more about this project and several more on their website here. Enjoy counting those benjamins you’ve saved!

MidWeek Must-Have: Dry Shampoo and How to Use It

Posted by    |    June 27th, 2012 at 8:17 am

If there’s one thing I walked away with after interviewing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders at their auditions last week, it’s the importance of dry shampoo.

Oh, I’ve used it from time to time when I was in-between washes on a hectic week, but they stressed the importance of dry shampoo in this Texas heat.  Not only does it help absorb the oil and sweat that builds up on your scalp, but it adds volume and texture to squeaky clean hair.  Yep, that’s one way those sexy cheerleaders get that voluminous hair!

Another tip is to combine a small teasing comb and the dry shampoo to create height that will last all day long.  Summers in Dallas aren’t only hot, they are often windy.  To keep your strands in place, don’t weigh it down with a gallon of hairspray.  Tease lightly at the crown, spray a healthy dose of dry shampoo, and lightly mist with a nice, scented hairspray.  Your look will have more swing and bounce, and can withstand windy days. Also, the less you wash your hair, the less damaged and dry it will be.  With dry shampoo, you can skip the daily wash and save your locks some wear and tear.

Some great dray shampoos to try:

Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo: Approx. $2-$4 (Inexpensive and does the job.)

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo: Approx. $23  (NO white residue! Check out Oscar Blandi’s how-to video here.)

Klorane Dry Shampoo: Approx. $18 (More natural and Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.)

Now you know a DCC secret to beautiful hair that stays put….whether you’re cheering on the sidelines or cheering yourself up with a margarita.

Color, Plump, and Treat: The Per-fekt Lip

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It takes more than just A-list celebs using a product to get me interested.  I want to spend my hard-earned dollars on products that actually give beautiful results and hold up under the summer heat.  It also makes me feel good about investing in products that are cruelty and paraben-free….I just can’t carry around a beauty product that isn’t good for me or for friendly little critters everywhere.  It’s these things that drew me to the Per-fekt line of beauty products.  I’d seen them in stores like Sephora and Henri Bendel and heard countless celebs touting the miracles of the skin perfection gel, but it wasn’t until recently that I found out about the lip perfection gel.

Finally! Non-waxy, non-sticky lips....

I am a total lip gloss, lip plumper, lipstick, and lip treatment junkie.  Anything to do with lips, and I want in.  I feel like I have tried just about everything out there, so I know a good lip product when I try one.  When I say the Per-fekt lip perfection gels are the real deal, they are the real deal. No brush, no sponge, no make-up artist required to get hydrated, firm lips, beautiful color, and long-lasting plump.  Don’t you just hate that tacky feel you get with heavy glosses and the waxy build-up of lipstick?  I did, which was one of my motivating factors in checking this new product out.  I love the look of lip plumpers, but the tingling, burning feeling isn’t my favorite thing.  With the gel, you can forgo that and just have full, pretty lips-no burning required.

Henri Bendel Lip Perfection Gel Set

I’m pretty picky about color, so luckily there are several to choose from.  Fountain is clear, Vine (the color I personally can’t get enough of,) is a burgundy wine, Hollywood is a lovely red, Melrose is plum, Paramount is a cool pink, and Sunset is a sheer apricot.  If you can’t part with your favorite lipstick, try clear Fountain on top of it for a stain gloss. The best part- you can try three gorgeous shades in a new set from Henri Bendel here in Dallas.  For $60, you can have three universally flattering shades that look good on you when you’re pale, tan, naturally mocha….you get the idea.  (I also hit up the Per-fekt YouTube channel for some tips and hints with their other products, which is helpful when you don’t have a “red carpet-ready” team.)

Love to color your lips again!  Lip Perfection gel is what lip lovers have been waiting for.

Can Wearing Two Different Shoes Change the World?

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It’s been everywhere these past few years…bullying in our schools, kids trying desperately to fit in with what is considered “acceptable” and “cool”.  Self-esteem is at an all-time low in children these days. In fact, having low self-esteem changes the way the brain responds to social feedback, according to Dartmouth researchers.  So how does a pair of shoes help change all that?

CHOOZE Toddler Shoes

Dallas Mom Sharon Blumberg started noticing a few years ago that her daughter Ayla liked to mismatch her shoes.  While some parents might try to correct their child’s shoe choices, Sharon started to see it as a creative form of self-expression.  Her daughter was confident in her choices, and felt empowered by the encouragement to try new things.  Realizing this inspiration to create and make a positive impact could affect other children in the same way, Blumberg began CHOOZE.

Shiloh Pitt rocking CHOOZE

CHOOZE shoes are immediately eye-catching because the colorful shoes are matched, but never the same.  The right and left shoe are paired perfectly, yet have small differences that make them unique.  (Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh seems to wear her pair non-stop.)

Not only are these shoes good for the soul, they are good for the environment.  Made of 100% vegan materials, they are machine washable (Moms everywhere are cheering!) and come with an “art box”.  Rather than a plain shoe box that is discarded after the shoes become part of a child’s wardrobe, these special shoe boxes are made of recyclable materials and feature scenes begging for crayons and markers to decorate.  With a handle on top, these boxes can become a child’s art piece, and can hold their toys, treasures, or whatever they’d like.

Fun art box made of recycled materials

So, apart from being some of the cutest children’s shoes you’ve ever seen and helping little ones express themselves, CHOOZE invests its profits at the end of the year in micro-finance institutions that provide loans, education, and training to women in extreme poverty.  These programs do more than temporary assitance; they empower women to start their own businesses and move into a better station in life.

So can wearing two different shoes change the world?  Thanks to Dallasite Sharon Blumberg, the answer is yes.

(CHOOZE shoes are sold in 300+ stores, including REI, Dillard’s, Whole Earth Provision Co., and



Snowcone Party Garland DIY….Looks Delish!

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Remember how amazing a cold snow cone tastes on a hot day?  I always loved the Bubblegum flavor-it was pink, pretty, and sweet as can be.  When I came across this Snowcone Party Garland from Creature Comforts Blog, I fell madly  in love.  How stinking cute is this?!

A handful of supplies from the craft store plus one hour of dedicated craft time and you’ve got this shimmering beauty to hang.  I’m not a Martha Stewart-type myself, but even I think I can do this one.  The Creature Comforts blog is so full of DIY eye candy that you’ll be bookmarking this site in no time.

Find the step-by-step instructions here, along with great photos to guide you along the way so you know you’re doing it correctly.  How handy!

Ming Wang: Fashion for REAL Women

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Ming Wang.  It’s an unforgettable name, with something even more unique than the moniker-a passion for catering to real women.  Several other national brands have tried this approach: The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and the Skinny Girl Shapers come to mind, using real women to represent the products.  Ming Wang takes this one step further-actually meeting with these women and educating them on the brand.  How do I know this?  Ming Wang Knits invited me to take a peek at their cutting edge approach called I Am Ming Wang and why it works.

Last week, Ming Wang flew successful women from all over the country into Dallas for several days of the royal treatment.  These women were chosen for a myriad of reasons: some are boutique owners who carry the Ming Wang line, some are long-time fans of the brand, and some are just fashion devotees.  A fun mix of ages, sizes, and backgrounds, these women were wined, dined, and massaged into the right frame of mind for the  I Am Ming Wang Fall 2012 Look Book photo shoot.

Though admirable, I wasn’t sure at first about a brand using real women instead of amazon, glossy models for their photos.  We are comfortable with the models who make us feel inferior.  We are used to the unattainable measuring stick of gorgeous airbrushing.  We like gawking at supermodels with perfect teeth, breasts, and pouts.  Right?  Well, I have to admit, seeing real women in the clothes made an impact on me. A big one.

This is what the real customer looks like in the fashions.  Even living in Dallas, we don’t see supermodels on every corner rocking the trends.  We see women who are five feet tall.  We see young girls with Kardashian buttocks and beautiful smiles.  We see tall women who are over the age of 50 and not a size zero.  We see the reality.  And you know what?  I like seeing the reality much better!

While joining these lucky women after their photo shoot at a spa day courtesy of Ming Wang, I was privileged to hear their stories.  They want to look good and feel confident.  And they don’t want to waste time trying to look like Heidi Klum to do it.  Ming Wang is designed to be a  classic chic look that gives model confidence without having to change a thing.  These clothes are carefully constructed to flatter a woman’s body, no matter what size she is.  They are meant to be staples in a woman’s closet for years to come, alongside some fun, trendier pieces.  How can you argue with practical style that flatters everyone?

Though I’d never tried on Ming Wang myself until the day of the photo shoot, seeing how incredible the clothes looked on women from their 20′s all the way up to their 70′s really impressed me.  It’s real.  And I can get behind a brand that is motivated to highlight real women, real style, and real beauty at any age or size.  It’s comforting to know that someone like Heidi Klum and the average woman can both look stunning in Ming Wang.  Talk about a confidence booster.

(Find Ming Wang at Malouf‘s, Dillards, and local boutiques across the U.S.)

Dallas Designer’s Fashions for Jet-Setting First Ladies

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If you weren’t in attendance for Dallas designer Courtney Russell’s grand unveling of his August Alexander Collection at Jet 10 Hangar on Saturday night, I want to give you my condolences.  Everything about this Jan Strimple creation was delicious from start to finish.  First, the location couldn’t have been more captivating and fun-after all, who doesn’t get a buzz from witnessing the wall of the hangar moved aside and gorgeous models strutting out of a jet….. wearing jaw-dropping fashions, no less?  The concept was brilliantly executed. The music was pulsating.  And that August Alexander collection? Divine.

Models rocked “The First Lady” collection with sexy hair by Blanc Salon while VIP guests sipped Moet champagne. Local stylistas with dates and comrades came out to support Russell and see the spectacle, including Abby Gregory, Kimmy and Damon Huynh, Cynthia Smoot, and the cast of local reality show “Most Eligible Dallas”. Amidst the cocktails and sinful chocolate from Chocolate Secrets, beautiful Bri Crum of Plan B PR carefully double-checked the seating chart for the 500+ guests.

With style icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie O on his mind, Russell does ready to wear glamour in a way that is accessible. Straight from the runway, you could incorporate his pieces into your everyday wardrobe without batting an eye. Recommendations for the high-flying fabulous are the August Alexander cream satin double welt button dress with black welt pockets and the hands-down stunner of the night, a black lace front gown with crinkle silk skirt. This inspired and artfully done show left many with a renewed interest in supporting our local artists and others with the promise of a lighter pocketbook.  Either way, Courtney Russell was the captain of the night, and there was no turbulence.


Superbowl Kickoff Party with Abi Ferrin

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A beautiful highrise.  A beautiful group of party-goers. A beautiful showing of fashion designer Abi Ferrin’s latest designs.  Last Thursday night was just beautiful.  The Superbowl Kickoff party was hosted at the Azure in Uptown, with some of the members of the NFL Players’ Wives Association, “Off the Field, ” modeling Abi Ferrin’s latest and greatest. With the nicest PR queen in town, Sabra Girard, at the helm and hor dourves by the talented Lisa Garza, this event not only showcased great local fashion but also benefitted St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Though all the looks by Ferrin were winners, it was the silky new designs that were inspired by her trip to St. Tropez that really brought the “wow factor”. 

This night was such a fun start to the upcoming Superbowl Festivites, which include January 27: 10th Annual OTF Players’ Wives Awards Banquet and Fashion Show VIP and Media Reception, featuring new Abi Ferrin fashions worn by NFL Players’ Wives-Pat Smith, Romonda Jordan and Sherice Brown. Pat Smith will also unveil and model the 6.32 carat brown-pink diamond donated to the February 4th OTF Fashion Show auction. (Donated by Worldwide Diamond Ventures and exclusively set by Olschwanger Designs.) This will be from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Stanley Korshak
Additionally, February 3rd brings an Abi Ferrin Brand Launch Party at Nordstrom, which is a free event. Light refreshments will be served from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in Savvy at Nordstrom NorthPark Center. Guests may RSVP to the Nordstrom Launch Party at 214.231.3900 ext 1360.

And for the creme de la creme:  two days before Super Bowl XLV explodes at Cowboys Stadium, Off The Field, the NFL Players’ Wives Association — will hold its 10th Annual Awards Banquet and Fashion Show benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Abi Ferrin will impress once again as the 2011 featured designer and the event will be co-hosted by Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith’s wife, Pat Smith, and Amy Vanderoef. Guests who attend the February 4th show, held from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm, can participate in a live and silent auction featuring a variety of luxurious items.

Ticket information is available here or contact Mikea James at 972.594.8080 or

Whether you’re a football fan or just want to hobnob with players, you don’t want to miss these fabulous excuses to dress up and party for a good cause.