“Thursdays at The Penthouse” Brings Style and Soul to Luxe Stoneleigh

Posted by    |    July 25th, 2012 at 8:30 pm

Exclusivity is paramount in a metropolitan town like Dallas.  So when Luxe Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa recently launched a new social event “Thursdays at the Penthouse,” it made more than a few ears perk up. Welcoming guests and neighbors to experience an exclusive night of cool jazz/R&B music, handcrafted cocktails and appetizers in Dallas’ most opulent penthouse suite turned hotspot, you can be sure that eye candy galore will be out and about.

“Thursdays at the Penthouse”- Luxe Stoneleigh Spa and Hotel

Held select Thursdays from 9pm-midnight in the hotel’s lavish 11th floor penthouse (next are scheduled for August 2, 16 and 30), the event is quickly becoming a scene for Dallas’ best-dressed and hotel guests. Outside guests are welcome by invitation only from the event’s band – Danny Church and his band – and are encouraged to forward RSVP information to their closest friends for an upscale evening atop the historically hip Luxe Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa.

Danny Church Band

Tempting, isn’t it?  Now you have the perfect excuse to go ahead and splurge on that hot pair of heels or that clutch you don’t really need.  Bottoms up!

For a complete list of dates for “Thursdays at the Penthouse” and other fashionable events at Luxe Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa, visit luxestoneleigh.com or call (800) 921-8498. Follow facebook.com/stoneleighhotel or twitter.com/stoneleighhotel for special offers.

(photos via Duy Nguyen – www.dnfoto.com)

Katy Perry’s Future Fashion Aspirations Keeping Her From American Idol?

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Katy Perry is white-hot at the moment.  Her new documentary, “Part of Me” is in theaters, her new single “Wide Awake” is topping the charts, and her divorce from Russel Brand is now becoming a distant memory.  So it seems only fitting that as Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez exit American Idol, Perry would be a natural fit.

Katie acted as a guest judge on the show during Season 9, when Simon Cowell was still insulting teen dreams all over the nation.  She knows the drill, she’s delivered the harsh news to hopeful contenders.  So why not return and raise her star quotient as Jennifer Lopez did, right?

Katy Perry: American Idol future?

Wrong. Er, sort-of.  Perry doesn’t dismiss the possibility of her return to American Idol, but doesn’t feel the timing is right.  Mentioning, “I have ideas for two or three big, creative things, and I want to be able to fulfill those ideas, ” rumors have been swirling that her own clothing label or beauty line may be in the works.  It isn’t a far-fetched idea, since her perfume Purr by Katy Perry hit shelves and has done relatively well with young consumers, and her perfume web address is katyperrybeauty.com. (With a web address like that, there is plenty of room to add additional products.)

One can only imagine the colorful, bubble-gummy style that Perry’s fashion might reflect, but the singer seems perfectly happy to continue on with her technicolor persona.  If beauty and fashion are now a fixture on the pop star’s radar, then it looks like Idol won’t be.

Perry may add fashion designer to her list of accomplishments

Read more about Idol’s search for the new celebrity judge on TheHollywoodReporter.com.

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How To Get Justin Bieber to Love You…

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If you’ve been contemplating this since you first saw the teaser for the Bieb’s “Boyfriend” video, you should turn your attention to the lady who has managed to steal Justin’s heart. Rather than throwing darts at the photo of his lovely lady friend, how about taking some cues from her? Selena Gomez has always been bubble-gum sweet and sassy, but as she leaves her teens and becomes more accessible to her adult fans, she’s found a way to marry style, sex appeal, and girl-next-door freshness. How?  Let’s take a look….

1. Healthy Physique. 

Miss Gomez keeps herself at a normal, healthy weight and embraces her natural curves.  She isn’t a twig, and can often be seen indulging in a sweet treat now and then.  Regular exercise and adequate sleep keep her metabolism in check.

2. Natural, easy hair.

On the cover of this month’s Elle magazine, Gomez shows off her beautiful locks.  One thing you’ll consistently notice about her is healthy, shiny, effortless hair.  Once in a while she will go all out for a premiere, but on most days you’ll find her hair down or pulled into a neat pony.  Low maintenance = guy magnet.

3. Not Afraid to Wear Color.

Selena Gomez in Red Dress at Elle July 2012 Cover

Too often, women feel that black is the only color that consistently looks slimming and classy.  Why play it safe when bold colors send a more playful, fun, and empowering message?  Red has been proven time and time again to be a favorite of men the world over, so take a page out of Selena’s playbook and give it a try.

4.  Rock Jeans and T-Shirt.

Not every moment calls for stilettos and Marc Jacobs.  It’s okay to be comfortable!  If you’re going to dress down, throw on a stylish casual handbag and a few simple accessories.  Nothing looks better with a delicate diamond necklace or designer watch than a simple white tee and jeans.

5. Never Underestimate a Smoky Eye and a Little Cleavage.

Again, not an “everyday” look, but when the occasion calls for it, bust out (no pun intended,) the black mini and kohl eyeliner.  A little highlighter on your cheekbones, forehead, and decolletage will give you a fresh, dewy appearance and highlight those sparkling eyes.  Skip the false eyelashes if you’re going to be expecting a goodnight kiss-it can look too spidery up close. Just smudge a black or gray eyeliner above top and below bottom lashes and pile on the mascara!

Who knows if this love affair with Justin Bieber will last, but Miss Gomez has a handle on how to snag a quality guy by balancing glamor with reality. Let’s all do likewise!

Denim Trends You Haven’t Tried: 7 for All Mankind

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Denim-it’s in all of our closets, and if someone was peeking into yours, I bet they’d see a short row of different shades of blue, black, or white jeans of varying cuts and styles.  Let’s be real-jeans have become an acceptable uniform for many workplaces, schools, and even church.  So why aren’t there more options to dress up the classics?

7 for All Mankind has always been a brand that exudes relaxed, Southern California style, so it isn’t much of a surprise that they have been taking the lead when it comes to denim trends and making them accessible for everyone from James Franco to your mother.  (Speaking of James Franco, have you seen 7′s spring campaign, “Episodes of an Untitled Film” with James Franco directing a series of short films? Very sexy.) 

According to Liat Mazor, the Marketing Manager for 7, ” The new spring line is inspired by a California vibe, a forever cool idea inspired by the glistening sun and the ocean. You’ll see a lot of shimmer, pastels, and brights. ”  Glittery, shimmery jeans aren’t a new thing, but the way 7 for All Mankind does them is. (more…)

Dance With Me is Comin’ to the Big D

Posted by    |    April 27th, 2012 at 10:48 am

If you haven’t heard of Tae Bo, you’ve been living under a rock for the past several decades.  Though the Tae Bo craze has waxed and waned, there is a new game in town brought to you by the same family that lured us in with those high-energy infomercials and Billy Blanks rockin’ abs.

Billy Blanks Jr., the once-homeless son of Tae Bo legend Billy Blanks, is bringing his latest creation, Dance With Me™, to the Dallas area on May 19th and 20th in a search to find new Instructors and Master Trainers to certify during their nationwide DWM Tour and their new Lionsgate DVD release. Expect to see more Blanks family fun on your tube; Dance With Me™ and creators Billy Blanks Jr. and Sharon Catherine Blanks will also be featured on the ABC hit reality television series, SHARK TANK, on Friday, May 11, 2012.

Dance With Me™ is Billy Blanks Jr.’s newest fitness sensation that is a total body, high energy, cardio dance workout that is infused with all styles of dance including Hip Hop, Bollywood, Line Dancing, Ballroom, Disco, Broadway, African, Russian, Irish, and Hula. (Hula? Mahalo!)
“We are very excited about bringing DWM to Texas.” said Dance With Me™ creator Billy Blanks Jr.. “Dallas is just the right location for us to find our future Master Trainers to help us on our national tour and international expansion.”

Billy Blanks Jr. and wife Sharon Catherine Blanks (co-creator) are both Broadway, film and television veterans, and they have released several work out DVD’s: Billy Blanks Jr.’s Dance With Me – Cardio Fit, Groove & Burn, Hip Hop Mix and the soon to be released Boot Camp Dance Party which will launch their DWM Tour, nationwide.

Feel like dancing with Blanks?  Find out more at www.meettheblanks.com.

Katy Perry: What Do You Keep Doing To Your Hair?

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Katy Perry on April 18, 2012 in Hollywood, California. Katy Perry's pink and blue hair

Whether you like her music or not, “Fireworks” pop star Katy Perry has more than just a hot voice; she’s got the hair to match.  Pop stars through the years have traditionally been hair chameleons, from Madonna to Beyonce to Nicky Minaj.  Katy Perry really seems to enjoy changing her hair color as often as she changes boyfriends and cupcake bras.  So what’s with the crazy colors?  Oh sure, if you were in a punk band we’d all totally understand.  But bubble-gum pop music?  Next thing you know, Bieber is going to be sporting full-sleeve tattoos and marrying Pam Anderson underneath a neon Budweiser sign. (more…)

Art From the Heart: From Creative Celebs to YOU

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Remember the fun of creating papier-mâché projects or painting Mom a Mother’s Day masterpiece in art class?  Art is uniquely special because the finished product gives you a lasting memory of the inspiration behind it or the special person who created it.  In the spirit of art warming hearts, Dallas Challenge is proud to announce the 3rd Annual ART FROM THE HEART Celebrity Art Auction & Benefit. This fabulous Dallas event features the artwork of prominent local and national celebrities and personalities in an exciting and competitive auction, hot dishes from Dallas chef Marc DePetris, cool beverages and a hopping dance floor – all in the super chic digs of Marc Events in the trendy Dallas design district, April 27, from 7 to 11 pm. (more…)

The Swoon Event This Saturday at South Side

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So, you’re blissfully in love and tying the knot.  Most brides have a hard time restraining themselves from hours a day on StyleMePretty and attending every wedding-related event that comes to town.  I don’t blame you; I was that girl.  But you don’t have to schlep around to every single wedding event to find the vendors, ideas, and handmade goodies that you really love for your big day.  Your chance to condense all that event-going is coming up this Saturday at South Side on Lamar, and you don’t want to miss it!

Amberly Washington (Sweethead accessories designer and Jr. League Event Coordinator) hosts the Swoon Event, a wedding market and party that the lover of organic, green, handmade and DIY will heart bigtime. The market will feature over 40 local vendors selling handmade wares, a bridal fashion show, a DJ spinning love songs of the ’70s (I can already hear “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe” by Barry White, baby), food trucks like Easy Slider and Rockstar Bakeshop, and Oak Cliff lovely Oil and Cotton will be on hand doing DIY demonstrations!

This is Dallas, so no event is complete without a fashion show, ya’ll.

 Oh, you want free stuff too? Well, the
them. Sweeeeeeet!


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Video Recap of New York Fashion Week: Spring 2012

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In case you haven’t seen some of the highlights from New York Fashion Week this month, this video will bring you up to speed.  (I’m particularly fond of BCBG-the neutral/color combos are beautiful!) Don’t miss the sexy stuff from Herve Leger, either…enjoy!

Inspiration Party Pics

Posted by    |    January 20th, 2012 at 7:00 am

We are all thrilled that one of our favorite employees here at YouPlus, Emili, has come back into the fold after a brief stint to further her education.  We’re so happy she’s returned that we feel like throwing a party! I started thinking today; “What would Emili’s Welcome Back Party look like?”  After a bit of thought and cruising the net, I came up with this stylish soiree.