Shed Pounds with This Summer Snack

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I like an ice cream cone as much as the next girl.  Anything chocolate covered makes my world go ’round.  But the blaring Texas heat doesn’t do much for workout motivation, and pounds can easily creep on.  Sweet treats only add to the waistline, and the organic goodies can sometimes be too pricey to buy  in bulk.  What to do?  Try this easy, low-cost, truly delicious snack.


When you feel the cravings for something sweet coming on, reach for these two ingredients: blueberries and honey Greek yogurt.  Coat the blueberries in the yogurt and freeze, and you’ve got a gold mine of goodness. To avoid a mess, use a toothpick or skewer to dip the blueberries in the yogurt. Place them on a cooking sheet and slide ’em the freezer. Not only does this taste better than you’d imagine, it’s also an easy snack to bring in a cooler to 4th of July picnics, Rangers games, and even devour as a midnight morsel when you can’t sleep.

(Photo courtesy of One Good Thing by Jillee)

Lauren Conrad’s Best Hair Secret

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If you’re as obsessed with Lauren Conrad’s gorgeous hair as I am, then you will appreciate this cool how-to.  Lauren is known for rocking fun braids, flowers in her hair, and cute hair accessories.  She’s not afraid to experiment, that’s for sure.  Unlike Lauren, most of us don’t have a stylist to do the inventive work for us, so we have to steal the look and give it a go on our own.  If you happened to see Miss Conrad on Chelsea Lately, you may have spotted this adorable braid style:

Wanna try it?  Follow this link to The Beauty Department, Conrad’s style site and give her a run for her money on best summer hair.

Conrad on Chelsea Lately

Can Wearing Two Different Shoes Change the World?

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It’s been everywhere these past few years…bullying in our schools, kids trying desperately to fit in with what is considered “acceptable” and “cool”.  Self-esteem is at an all-time low in children these days. In fact, having low self-esteem changes the way the brain responds to social feedback, according to Dartmouth researchers.  So how does a pair of shoes help change all that?

CHOOZE Toddler Shoes

Dallas Mom Sharon Blumberg started noticing a few years ago that her daughter Ayla liked to mismatch her shoes.  While some parents might try to correct their child’s shoe choices, Sharon started to see it as a creative form of self-expression.  Her daughter was confident in her choices, and felt empowered by the encouragement to try new things.  Realizing this inspiration to create and make a positive impact could affect other children in the same way, Blumberg began CHOOZE.

Shiloh Pitt rocking CHOOZE

CHOOZE shoes are immediately eye-catching because the colorful shoes are matched, but never the same.  The right and left shoe are paired perfectly, yet have small differences that make them unique.  (Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh seems to wear her pair non-stop.)

Not only are these shoes good for the soul, they are good for the environment.  Made of 100% vegan materials, they are machine washable (Moms everywhere are cheering!) and come with an “art box”.  Rather than a plain shoe box that is discarded after the shoes become part of a child’s wardrobe, these special shoe boxes are made of recyclable materials and feature scenes begging for crayons and markers to decorate.  With a handle on top, these boxes can become a child’s art piece, and can hold their toys, treasures, or whatever they’d like.

Fun art box made of recycled materials

So, apart from being some of the cutest children’s shoes you’ve ever seen and helping little ones express themselves, CHOOZE invests its profits at the end of the year in micro-finance institutions that provide loans, education, and training to women in extreme poverty.  These programs do more than temporary assitance; they empower women to start their own businesses and move into a better station in life.

So can wearing two different shoes change the world?  Thanks to Dallasite Sharon Blumberg, the answer is yes.

(CHOOZE shoes are sold in 300+ stores, including REI, Dillard’s, Whole Earth Provision Co., and



Snowcone Party Garland DIY….Looks Delish!

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Remember how amazing a cold snow cone tastes on a hot day?  I always loved the Bubblegum flavor-it was pink, pretty, and sweet as can be.  When I came across this Snowcone Party Garland from Creature Comforts Blog, I fell madly  in love.  How stinking cute is this?!

A handful of supplies from the craft store plus one hour of dedicated craft time and you’ve got this shimmering beauty to hang.  I’m not a Martha Stewart-type myself, but even I think I can do this one.  The Creature Comforts blog is so full of DIY eye candy that you’ll be bookmarking this site in no time.

Find the step-by-step instructions here, along with great photos to guide you along the way so you know you’re doing it correctly.  How handy!

The LWD-Every Girl Needs a Little White Dress

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It’s summer and white is the color of the moment.  (Or absence of color, as the color wheel tells us.)  Although the age-old saying is that white makes you appear larger, it can actually draw people to your most flattering features.  Oh sure, it’s easy to hide behind the mystique and slimming effects of black, but why limit yourself?

Tips to remember when wearing white:

  • Bring a Tide-To-Go Pen in your purse.  It isn’t a matter of if you get something on your whites, but a matter of when.
  • Wear underwear that won’t show everyone your panty line or fuschia thong.  Check out your backside in the mirror before leaving the house!
  • When eating or drinking, use a napkin, even as a bib if you have to.  Some things just don’t ever come out of white clothes. Ever.
  • Be extra careful if you’re putting your dress on after you’ve applied your makeup. Try to find things that zip that you can step into, not things that go over your head.
  • If you self-tan, do it in the evening and let the residual get all over your sheets while you sleep, not on that pretty white dress the next day.  (There are also a few  semi-rub-proof bronzers, like Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun Self-Tanner for Legs. Pretty glow and easy to apply.)


white mod by emerson fry lace with hot pink

sequins cream feathers chambray/creme pairing

(all images via)


Best Online Boutique You’ve Never Shopped

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Okay, maybe you have shopped it.  But according to many of my fashion savvy friends, they’d never heard of it.  Perhaps you haven’t either. TOBI.

Simple name, with simple pricing.  You can find some of the trendiest styles, hottest colors, and the most enormous selection on this site.  Hang with me while I show you a sampling of what this site has to offer:

Affordable fashion from

Yes, you saw it right.  They have dresses, shirts, shorts, skirts, jackets, intimate wear, accessories, shoes, handbags, and hosiery!  They also have a men’s selection (much less impressive in my opinion,) and plenty of sale items.  One of the big selling points for shopping Tobi-the prices.  We’re talking $32 for this Taking it Easy Top in Vista Blue.  Wow.

If you’re looking for designer stuff, they have that too.  Alice + Olivia, Bijoux, Black Halo, AG, Ella Moss, Parker, Tom Ford….the list goes on and on.  I can’t even begin to tell you the massive amount of favorable Facebook feedback (over 42,000 Facebook likes!) this site gets, which speaks volumes.  So….if you’re going to shop online, I’ve given you this precious gift.  Use it wisely.

How To Create the Ultimate Summer Closet

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It’s hot.  It’s humid.  And you need just the right thing to wear.  Is your closet ready for the heat of summer?  If not, fetch these basic items that will work season after season…and keep you looking cool in the process.

Must Have #1: A maxi summer dress.  This is ideal for those days you forget to shave, or you don’t want to bare your pale legs.  It looks fresh and beautiful.  maxi dress, maxi dress for summer,

Must Have #2: A straw hat.  It can be floppy, fedora, or any style in-between.  The stylish straw hat can go from day to night and always looks chic.

straw hat, porkpie hat, summer hat

Must Have #3:  A fitted tank in a neutral color.  It can be white, black, khaki, gray, or navy-anything that can be worn with other complimentary colors.

tank top, jennifer aniston tank,

Must Have #4: Cropped denim jeans.  This one is a no-brainer. Show off those ankles and sexy pedicure!

capri, capri denim, cropped jeans

Must Have #5:  White dress pants.  These work for brunch, church, weddings, work, you name it.  A touch of class.

white dress pants, summer pants

Must Have #6: A comfortable, short sundress.  Because who wants to wear jeans to an outdoor concert in the summer? (This one is only $49!)summer dress, comfortable dress

Must Have #7: A pretty pair of wedges.  All the sex appeal of a stiletto, but on a comfortable wedge.

chloe wedges, summer shoes

Must Have #8: Skimpy sandals that show the full monty.  Skinny sandals that show off your feet and keep them feeling comfy are a necessity.

sandals for summer

Must Have #9: A pair of classy shorts.  Shorts may not always be work appropriate, but they are perfect for so many other occasions-like any hot summer day!

summer shorts, dress shorts

Must Have #10: A pair of Jackie O sunglasses.  Always chic, these match any outfit, no matter how dressed down.  Whether you find a bargain pair or go the designer route, make sure they have plenty of coverage to shield your peepers from the harsh sun.

jackie o, sunglasses, summer sunglasses


The Name’s Wu. Jason Wu.

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Jason Wu Wu, Jason Wu. jason wu jason wu Jason Wu SS12

See all this ridiculously gorgeous eye candy? It’s Jason Wu. He’s the mastermind of modern fashion, and has done everything from couture to Target.

According to this past winter, “Mere hours after Target released designer Jason Wu’s limited-edition collection in-store and online Sunday, the fashion line was sold out.“The collection became available shortly after midnight online, and was sold out within a few hours,” said Joshua Thomas, a spokesman for Target. “The feedback from consumers has been overwhelming positive. …Jason Wu is a fashion darling and his collection is very wearable by a variety of body types and styles.”Thomas added that out of the 1,800 Target stores nationwide, 1,200 of those stores carried Wu’s collection and many were “sold out or running low.” Wowza.

Women world-wide love him for his feminine designs and use of bold color.  (Men hate him for draining their wives’ pocketbooks.) And now, Dallas is getting their own taste of Wu as his Jason Wu Fall 2012 Collection debuts on June 22nd from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Neiman Marcus Downtown.  Simply head to  the Couture Salon on Level Two and dream away of what you’ll wear this fall.  Wu will woo you.

(images via)

A New Twist on “Fruit Cake”

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As someone who has recently cut way back on the massive amount of sugar that has been the norm for my entire life, a healthy alternative to sweets is always welcomed.  With June being a month of celebrations for dads and grads, birthdays, and weddings, cake is on everyone’s mind.  Since I am trying to skillfully avoid refined sugar-laden cakes, the discovery of this fruit cake made my heart sing.

how to make watermelon "cake". such a cute & healthy idea!

According to Rachel Rockwell at Bubbly Nature Creations who masterfully designed and photographed this delicious concoction, you can simply slice the watermelon and remove the rind.  Once you have your basic “cake” structure, use colorful fruits to embellish your cake.  You may need toothpicks to keep the ornamentation on the cake, so remind little ones to avoid swallowing anything they shouldn’t.

Need more proof that this is a bonafide winner when it comes to cake replacement therapy?

Heather at A Cupcake Love Affair created this gorgeous beauty.  She’s a pastry chef, so this lady knows her stuff when it comes to desserts.  If it’s good enough
for her, it’s good enough for me!
(Photos courtesy of A Cupcake Love Affair and Bubbly Nature Creations)

Ming Wang: Fashion for REAL Women

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Ming Wang.  It’s an unforgettable name, with something even more unique than the moniker-a passion for catering to real women.  Several other national brands have tried this approach: The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and the Skinny Girl Shapers come to mind, using real women to represent the products.  Ming Wang takes this one step further-actually meeting with these women and educating them on the brand.  How do I know this?  Ming Wang Knits invited me to take a peek at their cutting edge approach called I Am Ming Wang and why it works.

Last week, Ming Wang flew successful women from all over the country into Dallas for several days of the royal treatment.  These women were chosen for a myriad of reasons: some are boutique owners who carry the Ming Wang line, some are long-time fans of the brand, and some are just fashion devotees.  A fun mix of ages, sizes, and backgrounds, these women were wined, dined, and massaged into the right frame of mind for the  I Am Ming Wang Fall 2012 Look Book photo shoot.

Though admirable, I wasn’t sure at first about a brand using real women instead of amazon, glossy models for their photos.  We are comfortable with the models who make us feel inferior.  We are used to the unattainable measuring stick of gorgeous airbrushing.  We like gawking at supermodels with perfect teeth, breasts, and pouts.  Right?  Well, I have to admit, seeing real women in the clothes made an impact on me. A big one.

This is what the real customer looks like in the fashions.  Even living in Dallas, we don’t see supermodels on every corner rocking the trends.  We see women who are five feet tall.  We see young girls with Kardashian buttocks and beautiful smiles.  We see tall women who are over the age of 50 and not a size zero.  We see the reality.  And you know what?  I like seeing the reality much better!

While joining these lucky women after their photo shoot at a spa day courtesy of Ming Wang, I was privileged to hear their stories.  They want to look good and feel confident.  And they don’t want to waste time trying to look like Heidi Klum to do it.  Ming Wang is designed to be a  classic chic look that gives model confidence without having to change a thing.  These clothes are carefully constructed to flatter a woman’s body, no matter what size she is.  They are meant to be staples in a woman’s closet for years to come, alongside some fun, trendier pieces.  How can you argue with practical style that flatters everyone?

Though I’d never tried on Ming Wang myself until the day of the photo shoot, seeing how incredible the clothes looked on women from their 20’s all the way up to their 70’s really impressed me.  It’s real.  And I can get behind a brand that is motivated to highlight real women, real style, and real beauty at any age or size.  It’s comforting to know that someone like Heidi Klum and the average woman can both look stunning in Ming Wang.  Talk about a confidence booster.

(Find Ming Wang at Malouf‘s, Dillards, and local boutiques across the U.S.)