Christmas in July: Holiday Money Jar DIY

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One of the things that I love about style is that it can be anything.  Style is really defined as the process of creating something or the prevailing mode of expression.  Many people have great style because of who they are, not necessarily what they wear or how they wear it.

When I heard about this wonderful idea of sharing for the holidays, I immediately wanted to share it with you now.  In July.  Yes, the holidays are quite a ways off, and most of us are thinking more about what to pack for the pool than decorating the tree, but it brings to mind the warm, fuzzy feeling I used to get as a kid when our church would do a “Christmas in July” gift drive to provide for those in need. I love that this idea is similar in spirit.

A Christmas Jar or Holiday Money Jar is a new tradition that has spread because of author Jason F. Wright.  In 2005, his family decided to put change and dollar bills into an empty mason jar throughout the year and then anonymously give the jar to someone who could really use one.
Wright later wrote this New York Times Best Seller,  Christmas Jars, and the rest of the world fell in love with this modern holiday tradition as well.

What a great idea, right?  We all have loose change, extra dollar bills crumpled in our wallets or purses….just sitting around waiting to be placed into a Christmas jar.  If you have kiddos, this is an especially valuable lesson to teach them as a family.  Helping others in need without expecting a “thank you” or any sort of return is giving at its best. 

Want to create your own jar now to have ready by December?  Here are some helpful tips from So Crafty.

  1. Take a jar – pickle, mayonnaise, canning. Anything will work, really.
  2. Wash it out.
  3. Throughout the year drop in your spare change.
  4. Once it is in the jar, don’t touch it.
  5. Let the change add up over the course of a year.
  6. During the holiday season, find someone to give it to anonymously.
  7. You may want to add a note about the tradition of the Christmas or Holiday Jar.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I wouldn’t mind anyone copying this style one bit. Happy Holidays!

Feel the Heat at Sizzlin’ Summer Fashion Show

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A lively fashion show does something for the soul.  One minute you’re bummed because you have nowhere to wear that new dress, and the next you’re front row near the catwalk showing it off for the photogs. Luckily, Dallas has no shortage of great fashion show events to help you get your fix. On this Friday, July 20th at Ilume on Cedar Springs, Prestige Model Management proudly presents the “Sizzlin’ Summer Fashion Show” benefiting the Red Party Foundation.

The Red Party Foundation raises funds to benefit the Legacy Counseling Center and Founders Cottage. For 20 years, Legacy has provided quality mental health care, substance abuse treatment and special care housing services for people challenged with HIV and AIDS. In honor of this worthy cause, guests will come decked out and dressed to impress in their most fabulous poolside fashions and sip on featured cocktails provided by Hudson Ferus Premium Vodka. All ticket proceeds benefit the Red Party Foundation, which is something everyone can feel good about.

One unique aspect to this event is the array of designs featured.  The runway show will kick off with vintage looks and  then rapidly progress into futuristic designs. Models are slated to showcase summer styles on custom built pool-top runways. Sexy!

If you’re looking for hair and make-up inspiration in real life and not simply on Pinterest, the hair and makeup on models will be done by the spectacular artists of Neiman Marcus and Toni and Guy and will feature designs by New York Fashion Week Couture Designer, Anthony Manfredonia.

LOOK #7<br /><br />

Special prizes, raffles, and giveaways sure to please the crowd will be provided by Neiman Marcus, Michael Kors, and Tiffany and Co. (Feelin’ lucky?)

Don’t miss out…this event has a fantastic pre-show and post-party that are perfect for networking, hanging with friends, and working that new dress. Get your tickets now at –

The Guide to Summer Preppy

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Preppy has never gone out of style. Cardigan sweaters, pearls, madras shorts….all great wardrobe staples.  If going full-out prep isn’t for you, adopting one or two classic pieces to your eclectic wardrobe is always a good idea.  You never know when you might be invited to The Hamptons and suddenly have a J. Crew emergency. My advice?  Be prepared.

Here are a few classic preppy looks to help you decide which key pieces need to make their way into your closet.

Monogrammed Tote

The monogrammed tote is a staple of prepsters everywhere.  If your initials aren’t embroidered on something….well, you are late to the picnic, my friend.  Pick a color you love and will carry all summer long. (Plus, you avoid mix-ups. No one is going to try and take home a tote with your initials on it. Hopefully.)

A tea-length dress

A tea-length dress is a must -have because:

A. It’s conservative enough for any and every event

B. It’s flattering to all body-types

To keep it from appearing too “Stepford Wives“, wear a modern heel and skip the pearls.

Loafers or Boat Shoes

The loafer or boat shoe is another gotta-have item.  These are not only polished, but comfy!  Though I recommend buying a pair in the classic shades of brown, white, or navy, brands like Sperry-Topsider have colorful, metallic, and even patterned versions that are the perfect statement (comfort) shoe.

The floppy hat and classic-cut swimsuit

Summer preppy means a classic-cut swimsuit and floppy hat to shield your delicate skin from the sun.  If wearing an all-black suit doesn’t suit your fancy, a gingham version like this one keeps it real and interesting.  (Or this bikini version by Rugby Ralph Lauren.) Besides a simple floppy hat, bring that sunscreen in your monogrammed tote.  Sunburns are not chic.

Red, White, and Blue

Preppy means unashamedly pro-American, so don’t be afraid to sport at least one piece of red, white, and blue this summer.  From a silk scarf to a no-holds-barred shirt like this one, be proud to show you’re living the dream in the old U.S. of A.

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The Weekender Dallas: A Luxury Shopping and Social Event

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Ladies, pack your bags!
Spend the weekend in luxury July 27 – 29, 2012 at the W Dallas-Victory Hotel for an exclusive, overnight shopping vacation.

Fashion Apps You Gotta Have for iPad

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As someone who is a lover of all things tech, I am a huge sucker for cool apps.  My iPad has quickly filled up with some that I have decided I would be totally lost without.  It’s no surprise that a few of these are fashion apps, and perhaps even some you may have already scooped up for yourself. Check out my top fashion apps that I think are worthy of the download.

1. POSE.  Here’s the rundown: it’s free, it’s fun, and it’s chock full of inspiration!  Pose lets you share and discover styles from around the world. You know you already take self-portraits with your iPhone or iPad on those days you look extra cute, so why not share them with the world?  Note-worthy posers are often featured on the Pose blog, which gives your inner-fashionista something to shoot for.

Pose....the app that lets you pose. See?

2. STYLE.COM.  This is one glossy baby, right here.  If high fashion is your thing, you’ll love watching videos of the latest runway shows and fashion parties across the globe.  Where else can you see up-to-date photos of Sofia Coppola’s new outfit at the opening of Louis Vuitton’s Haute Joaillerie store?

3. SHOPSTYLE.  Read this description: “All the stores you love, all in one place. ShopStyle brings together the most fashionable stores and the best designer brands. Shop the latest styles within our clothing, home decor, and kids & baby categories from over 300 of your favorite retailers including ShopBop, Nordstrom, Pottery Barn, Sephora, Net-a-Porter, and more.” Um, yes, yes, yes, yes. Be prepared for restraint with the credit cards.
iPhone Screenshot 2
4. TRENDSTOP.  If you are keeping up with the trends instead of the Kardashians, then you need this app.  You will be up to date on daily fashion trends, styling ideas, and global interests spotted on the runways and in street style. You can also follow up-and-coming designers, art, exhibitions, launches, etc.  Wanna know it before everyone else?  This is how.
iPhone Screenshot 2
(Photos via Apple App Store)

In Love: Mungo and Maud Pet Outfitters

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I tried to keep from becoming that pet owner that is obsessed with their animal companion.  I promised myself I wouldn’t spend tons of money on my two little critters, wouldn’t give in to their big, round eyes when I know they don’t need another treat, and wouldn’t get a bunch of frou frou pet accessories to clutter up my house.  But once I became the owner of these rescue dog faces, I melted.

Mr. Tate Dogovan

Miss FurFur

What is it about their wagging tails and zest for life that automatically melts your heart?  I’m not sure how their sweet voodoo works, but once they take hold of your heart, you want them living the good life.  Which is why Mungo and Maud made me do a double-take….this site is the ultimate in pet luxury.  It’s the Pottery Barn of pet accessories, which means it’s simple, classic, and downright stylish.

  • Pod Bag Mole

    Pod Bag Carrier

Dog carriers can be too functional to be cute, or too blinged out to be taken seriously, but Mungo and Maud have a version that is chic as can be.

Milan Collar Malachite 11"-13"

Milan Collar in Malachite

Preppy dog collars are one way to let the public know that your dog or cat not only went to obedience school, but graduated top of their class.

Dog Bowl Woof

Dog Bowl Woof

Dog bowls no longer have to be colorful plastic.  This adorable Woof bowl would work in any room with any decor for only $29.


Rubber Gum Bear Dog Toy

Rubber Gum Bear Dog Toy

You know a classy dog lives in a house that has dog toys that look like this. No torn up squeaky toys or ratty stuffed animals, no sir.

When you feel like splurging on the finer things for Fido, (or Mr. Whiskers,) pamper your pet with Mungo and Maud.

Video of the Day: Easy and Beautiful Chignon

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Once in a while I come across a video tutorial that has the power to save you the money on a salon up-do, and I feel compelled to share it.  Remember the prom up-do we all used to yearn for?

Well, this is a classier, sexier, and sleeker version that works for just about any occasion: weddings, dinner parties, warm summer nights.  One of the best things about this tutorial in particular is how short it is…no ten minute long explanations. If you try this, I’d love to see your photos and how it worked for you!

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Divorce: How He Changed Kate

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Most of us aren’t surprised….Hollywood marriages aren’t exactly known for their longevity.  Five years of wedded bliss, one daughter, and the couch jump heard ’round the world later, Miss Kate has jumped ship.  Was it the age difference? Their crazy work schedules? The paparazzi?  Who knows, but this makes the third failed marriage for Tom, and numero uno for Katie Holmes.  I’m starting to wonder if she had a better shot at lasting love with fellow midwestener Chris Klein.

Say what you will about the former Joey Potter from “Dawson’s Creek”, but Katie is a very talented actress who has seemingly crept into the shadows since her marriage to Tom Cruise.

She did some beautiful ads for Ann Taylor (as did fellow celeb divorcee Demi Moore,) and fronted her own fashion line, Holmes and Yang, but her TV and film appearances have been limited.  After all, when “Dawson’s Creek” is what people remember most about you, (other than your famous marriage,) you’ve probably taken on too few projects since the show. Especially with the caliber of talent this girl has, right?

What is undeniable, however, is that marriage to Tom is what made Katie a style star.  She was always fresh and cute, but “cute” doesn’t quite fit the bill of a megastar’s wife.  With one fell swoop, she went from young and fun, to classy and cool.  Instead of friends from the midwest, Kate was sharing dinners with the Beckham’s…and you can’t just show up in Urban Outfitters for dinner with Posh Spice.

From tailored looks and kitten heels to a designer baby, Katie Holmes, take heart.  You may be losing a husband, but you’ve gained a fashion following that has put you on the map for the rest of your life.


MidWeek Must-Have: Dry Shampoo and How to Use It

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If there’s one thing I walked away with after interviewing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders at their auditions last week, it’s the importance of dry shampoo.

Oh, I’ve used it from time to time when I was in-between washes on a hectic week, but they stressed the importance of dry shampoo in this Texas heat.  Not only does it help absorb the oil and sweat that builds up on your scalp, but it adds volume and texture to squeaky clean hair.  Yep, that’s one way those sexy cheerleaders get that voluminous hair!

Another tip is to combine a small teasing comb and the dry shampoo to create height that will last all day long.  Summers in Dallas aren’t only hot, they are often windy.  To keep your strands in place, don’t weigh it down with a gallon of hairspray.  Tease lightly at the crown, spray a healthy dose of dry shampoo, and lightly mist with a nice, scented hairspray.  Your look will have more swing and bounce, and can withstand windy days. Also, the less you wash your hair, the less damaged and dry it will be.  With dry shampoo, you can skip the daily wash and save your locks some wear and tear.

Some great dray shampoos to try:

Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo: Approx. $2-$4 (Inexpensive and does the job.)

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo: Approx. $23  (NO white residue! Check out Oscar Blandi’s how-to video here.)

Klorane Dry Shampoo: Approx. $18 (More natural and Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.)

Now you know a DCC secret to beautiful hair that stays put….whether you’re cheering on the sidelines or cheering yourself up with a margarita.

Color, Plump, and Treat: The Per-fekt Lip

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It takes more than just A-list celebs using a product to get me interested.  I want to spend my hard-earned dollars on products that actually give beautiful results and hold up under the summer heat.  It also makes me feel good about investing in products that are cruelty and paraben-free….I just can’t carry around a beauty product that isn’t good for me or for friendly little critters everywhere.  It’s these things that drew me to the Per-fekt line of beauty products.  I’d seen them in stores like Sephora and Henri Bendel and heard countless celebs touting the miracles of the skin perfection gel, but it wasn’t until recently that I found out about the lip perfection gel.

Finally! Non-waxy, non-sticky lips....

I am a total lip gloss, lip plumper, lipstick, and lip treatment junkie.  Anything to do with lips, and I want in.  I feel like I have tried just about everything out there, so I know a good lip product when I try one.  When I say the Per-fekt lip perfection gels are the real deal, they are the real deal. No brush, no sponge, no make-up artist required to get hydrated, firm lips, beautiful color, and long-lasting plump.  Don’t you just hate that tacky feel you get with heavy glosses and the waxy build-up of lipstick?  I did, which was one of my motivating factors in checking this new product out.  I love the look of lip plumpers, but the tingling, burning feeling isn’t my favorite thing.  With the gel, you can forgo that and just have full, pretty lips-no burning required.

Henri Bendel Lip Perfection Gel Set

I’m pretty picky about color, so luckily there are several to choose from.  Fountain is clear, Vine (the color I personally can’t get enough of,) is a burgundy wine, Hollywood is a lovely red, Melrose is plum, Paramount is a cool pink, and Sunset is a sheer apricot.  If you can’t part with your favorite lipstick, try clear Fountain on top of it for a stain gloss. The best part- you can try three gorgeous shades in a new set from Henri Bendel here in Dallas.  For $60, you can have three universally flattering shades that look good on you when you’re pale, tan, naturally mocha….you get the idea.  (I also hit up the Per-fekt YouTube channel for some tips and hints with their other products, which is helpful when you don’t have a “red carpet-ready” team.)

Love to color your lips again!  Lip Perfection gel is what lip lovers have been waiting for.