Bean’s Pop Star Fashion Formula

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In today’s sea of pop star hopefuls, it takes more than a great voice to stand out. Bean, an up-and-coming pop star from Texas, is the real deal. Aside from her big voice and catchy tunes, this little ball of fire’s personal style captures her music as well as her audience.

Her performance at House of Blues is the perfect example. A glittering black jacket and neon yellow skirt represented the mainstream pop side of Bean while her big Brigitte Bardot curls and Marilyn Monroe-inspired top encompassed the 50s/60s retro vibe in her music. And those red lips? That’s something Bean has made all her own. Her manager said that he knows how close she is to being ready depending on whether or not her red lips are in full swing.  (more…)

“Thursdays at The Penthouse” Brings Style and Soul to Luxe Stoneleigh

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Exclusivity is paramount in a metropolitan town like Dallas.  So when Luxe Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa recently launched a new social event “Thursdays at the Penthouse,” it made more than a few ears perk up. Welcoming guests and neighbors to experience an exclusive night of cool jazz/R&B music, handcrafted cocktails and appetizers in Dallas’ most opulent penthouse suite turned hotspot, you can be sure that eye candy galore will be out and about.

“Thursdays at the Penthouse”- Luxe Stoneleigh Spa and Hotel

Held select Thursdays from 9pm-midnight in the hotel’s lavish 11th floor penthouse (next are scheduled for August 2, 16 and 30), the event is quickly becoming a scene for Dallas’ best-dressed and hotel guests. Outside guests are welcome by invitation only from the event’s band – Danny Church and his band – and are encouraged to forward RSVP information to their closest friends for an upscale evening atop the historically hip Luxe Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa.

Danny Church Band

Tempting, isn’t it?  Now you have the perfect excuse to go ahead and splurge on that hot pair of heels or that clutch you don’t really need.  Bottoms up!

For a complete list of dates for “Thursdays at the Penthouse” and other fashionable events at Luxe Stoneleigh Hotel & Spa, visit or call (800) 921-8498. Follow or for special offers.

(photos via Duy Nguyen –

Feel the Heat at Sizzlin’ Summer Fashion Show

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A lively fashion show does something for the soul.  One minute you’re bummed because you have nowhere to wear that new dress, and the next you’re front row near the catwalk showing it off for the photogs. Luckily, Dallas has no shortage of great fashion show events to help you get your fix. On this Friday, July 20th at Ilume on Cedar Springs, Prestige Model Management proudly presents the “Sizzlin’ Summer Fashion Show” benefiting the Red Party Foundation.

The Red Party Foundation raises funds to benefit the Legacy Counseling Center and Founders Cottage. For 20 years, Legacy has provided quality mental health care, substance abuse treatment and special care housing services for people challenged with HIV and AIDS. In honor of this worthy cause, guests will come decked out and dressed to impress in their most fabulous poolside fashions and sip on featured cocktails provided by Hudson Ferus Premium Vodka. All ticket proceeds benefit the Red Party Foundation, which is something everyone can feel good about.

One unique aspect to this event is the array of designs featured.  The runway show will kick off with vintage looks and  then rapidly progress into futuristic designs. Models are slated to showcase summer styles on custom built pool-top runways. Sexy!

If you’re looking for hair and make-up inspiration in real life and not simply on Pinterest, the hair and makeup on models will be done by the spectacular artists of Neiman Marcus and Toni and Guy and will feature designs by New York Fashion Week Couture Designer, Anthony Manfredonia.

LOOK #7<br /><br />

Special prizes, raffles, and giveaways sure to please the crowd will be provided by Neiman Marcus, Michael Kors, and Tiffany and Co. (Feelin’ lucky?)

Don’t miss out…this event has a fantastic pre-show and post-party that are perfect for networking, hanging with friends, and working that new dress. Get your tickets now at –

Unique Finds: Dallas Craigslist….

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Don’t be fooled by expensive designer stores….you can find hot, fashionable items for bargain prices right on the good ‘ol Dallas Craigslist.  Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pudding, my friends.

Teal Leather Rodeo Queen Dress s/m – $200

This is a teal leather rodeo queen dress. its got handpainted flowers on it. it needs a zipper replaced other than thats its ready to go. Asking $200obo this is a custom handmade dress. email with questions or offers

Shoe Stretcher Machine – $100 (Plano or Dallas, TX)

This machine stretches any part of your shoe. It is electric and works perfectly. Call, text, or email me.

Black Leather Hot Pants – $15 (McKinney)

That’s right. You heard it…. 4 little words that send a man’s blood boiling: Black Leather Hot Pants

These are woman’s size Medium and have real leather lacing half way up the sides. They are in perfect condition.

Picture yourself in these now that you’ve perfected that summer tan and bikini look… wear these when you go out dancing. : ) Please.

Buyer pays cash and picks up from our home in McKinney. (Another acceptable form of payment would be 1oz. of silver)

Email for directions or more info and thank you for shopping with your local neighbors on craigslist. We shop here too.

Green tye dye top 2x – $3 (Crowley,Tx)

Green tye dye top ………has a red cross on the front and it is a 2x and its just 3.00 bucks……WOW


See?  All those years you wasted shopping at the mall, and all you needed was Craigslist!  Go figure.

Read more Dallas Craiglist unique finds, and other fashion and beauty tips at YouPlus Style!

MidWeek Must-Have: Dry Shampoo and How to Use It

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If there’s one thing I walked away with after interviewing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders at their auditions last week, it’s the importance of dry shampoo.

Oh, I’ve used it from time to time when I was in-between washes on a hectic week, but they stressed the importance of dry shampoo in this Texas heat.  Not only does it help absorb the oil and sweat that builds up on your scalp, but it adds volume and texture to squeaky clean hair.  Yep, that’s one way those sexy cheerleaders get that voluminous hair!

Another tip is to combine a small teasing comb and the dry shampoo to create height that will last all day long.  Summers in Dallas aren’t only hot, they are often windy.  To keep your strands in place, don’t weigh it down with a gallon of hairspray.  Tease lightly at the crown, spray a healthy dose of dry shampoo, and lightly mist with a nice, scented hairspray.  Your look will have more swing and bounce, and can withstand windy days. Also, the less you wash your hair, the less damaged and dry it will be.  With dry shampoo, you can skip the daily wash and save your locks some wear and tear.

Some great dray shampoos to try:

Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo: Approx. $2-$4 (Inexpensive and does the job.)

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo: Approx. $23  (NO white residue! Check out Oscar Blandi’s how-to video here.)

Klorane Dry Shampoo: Approx. $18 (More natural and Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.)

Now you know a DCC secret to beautiful hair that stays put….whether you’re cheering on the sidelines or cheering yourself up with a margarita.

Can Wearing Two Different Shoes Change the World?

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It’s been everywhere these past few years…bullying in our schools, kids trying desperately to fit in with what is considered “acceptable” and “cool”.  Self-esteem is at an all-time low in children these days. In fact, having low self-esteem changes the way the brain responds to social feedback, according to Dartmouth researchers.  So how does a pair of shoes help change all that?

CHOOZE Toddler Shoes

Dallas Mom Sharon Blumberg started noticing a few years ago that her daughter Ayla liked to mismatch her shoes.  While some parents might try to correct their child’s shoe choices, Sharon started to see it as a creative form of self-expression.  Her daughter was confident in her choices, and felt empowered by the encouragement to try new things.  Realizing this inspiration to create and make a positive impact could affect other children in the same way, Blumberg began CHOOZE.

Shiloh Pitt rocking CHOOZE

CHOOZE shoes are immediately eye-catching because the colorful shoes are matched, but never the same.  The right and left shoe are paired perfectly, yet have small differences that make them unique.  (Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh seems to wear her pair non-stop.)

Not only are these shoes good for the soul, they are good for the environment.  Made of 100% vegan materials, they are machine washable (Moms everywhere are cheering!) and come with an “art box”.  Rather than a plain shoe box that is discarded after the shoes become part of a child’s wardrobe, these special shoe boxes are made of recyclable materials and feature scenes begging for crayons and markers to decorate.  With a handle on top, these boxes can become a child’s art piece, and can hold their toys, treasures, or whatever they’d like.

Fun art box made of recycled materials

So, apart from being some of the cutest children’s shoes you’ve ever seen and helping little ones express themselves, CHOOZE invests its profits at the end of the year in micro-finance institutions that provide loans, education, and training to women in extreme poverty.  These programs do more than temporary assitance; they empower women to start their own businesses and move into a better station in life.

So can wearing two different shoes change the world?  Thanks to Dallasite Sharon Blumberg, the answer is yes.

(CHOOZE shoes are sold in 300+ stores, including REI, Dillard’s, Whole Earth Provision Co., and



Ming Wang: Fashion for REAL Women

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Ming Wang.  It’s an unforgettable name, with something even more unique than the moniker-a passion for catering to real women.  Several other national brands have tried this approach: The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and the Skinny Girl Shapers come to mind, using real women to represent the products.  Ming Wang takes this one step further-actually meeting with these women and educating them on the brand.  How do I know this?  Ming Wang Knits invited me to take a peek at their cutting edge approach called I Am Ming Wang and why it works.

Last week, Ming Wang flew successful women from all over the country into Dallas for several days of the royal treatment.  These women were chosen for a myriad of reasons: some are boutique owners who carry the Ming Wang line, some are long-time fans of the brand, and some are just fashion devotees.  A fun mix of ages, sizes, and backgrounds, these women were wined, dined, and massaged into the right frame of mind for the  I Am Ming Wang Fall 2012 Look Book photo shoot.

Though admirable, I wasn’t sure at first about a brand using real women instead of amazon, glossy models for their photos.  We are comfortable with the models who make us feel inferior.  We are used to the unattainable measuring stick of gorgeous airbrushing.  We like gawking at supermodels with perfect teeth, breasts, and pouts.  Right?  Well, I have to admit, seeing real women in the clothes made an impact on me. A big one.

This is what the real customer looks like in the fashions.  Even living in Dallas, we don’t see supermodels on every corner rocking the trends.  We see women who are five feet tall.  We see young girls with Kardashian buttocks and beautiful smiles.  We see tall women who are over the age of 50 and not a size zero.  We see the reality.  And you know what?  I like seeing the reality much better!

While joining these lucky women after their photo shoot at a spa day courtesy of Ming Wang, I was privileged to hear their stories.  They want to look good and feel confident.  And they don’t want to waste time trying to look like Heidi Klum to do it.  Ming Wang is designed to be a  classic chic look that gives model confidence without having to change a thing.  These clothes are carefully constructed to flatter a woman’s body, no matter what size she is.  They are meant to be staples in a woman’s closet for years to come, alongside some fun, trendier pieces.  How can you argue with practical style that flatters everyone?

Though I’d never tried on Ming Wang myself until the day of the photo shoot, seeing how incredible the clothes looked on women from their 20′s all the way up to their 70′s really impressed me.  It’s real.  And I can get behind a brand that is motivated to highlight real women, real style, and real beauty at any age or size.  It’s comforting to know that someone like Heidi Klum and the average woman can both look stunning in Ming Wang.  Talk about a confidence booster.

(Find Ming Wang at Malouf‘s, Dillards, and local boutiques across the U.S.)

The Bikini Contest Experience

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It’s a strange feeling judging people doing something that you yourself would never be brave enough to do.  But that’s exactly what I did this week.

Other than limited experience on Spring Break, I haven’t seen many bikini competitions.  Oh, I’ve seen pageants like Miss Texas and Miss USA where there is a swimsuit portion of the competition, but it usually counts the least towards the final score.  In a real bikini competition, it is the final score.  When I was asked to judge the Miss Twin Peaks All-Star National Bikini Contest, I thought it sounded like a chance to keep my self-esteem in check and motivate me to stay away from donuts.  I happily agreed.  Turns out, Donnie Nelson, general manager of the Dallas Mavericks and Courtney Kerr, featured last season on Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas were also on the judges’ panel, which meant I was in good company.

Though I haven’t seen too many of these contests live, I have to admit: I wasn’t expecting it to be this classy, or this fun!  When I pictured a bikini contest, I envisioned rows and rows of unruly college guys tossing back beers and emitting war cries.  Turns out, it was nothing like an unsavory Spring Break at the Palladium Ballroom where the competition was held on Wednesday night.  Oh sure, there was a little drinkin’ and plenty of enthusiastic applause, but the overall tone of this event was good, clean fun.  And the production was out of this world wonderful. The show featured two lively hosts, behind-the-scenes video from a fun photo shoot with the contestants, and plenty of back-story on how these ladies arrived on the national stage.  Some of them were students, a handful were mothers, some were even married ladies who just want to show off their hard-earned bodies.  There were quite a few seasoned fitness competitors too, and it showed.

I saw more abs at this event than Chan Tatum in Magic Mike.  These girls aren’t the type who proclaim, “Oh, I never work out. I’m just naturally thin and toned.” They were kind enough to divulge their workout secrets-some attribute high, tight rears and sculpted arms to P90X, some to running, and a few to rigorous ab exercises.  I immediately felt inspired to invest in the Ab Roller.

When we chose Tember from Omaha as the new Miss Twin Peaks 2012, the crowd went wild, though still a controlled wild.  Rather than just gratuitous sex appeal, this event was promoting good fitness, female empowerment, and providing these young girls a way to capitalize on those physiques they work so hard to perfect.  The winner walked away with $5,000, the runners-up with several thousand each as well.  Who says bikini contests aren’t a lucrative investment?  Though my twin peaks are way past being brave enough to strut their stuff in a teeny bikini, I have a new-found respect for those who do.

(Photos courtesy of Jeff Hoferer)

The Only Salsa You’ll Ever Want to Eat (Plus a Giveaway!)

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As someone who is now living gluten and refined sugar-free, I have my eye on all things natural and delicious so I don’t wither up into a rice cake ball and blow away.  I want tasty.  I want exciting. I want DELICIOUS!

Lucky for me and all the rest of you health nuts who don’t want to compromise on taste, I have good news.  News that will make you realize there is a whole wide world out there that is all natural, preservative and additive free, fat free, gluten free, kosher certified, and remarkably still the best stuff you’ve ever stuffed in your pie hole.

By now you’re probably thinking I’ve found the Holy Grail of deliciousness.  Well, you’re right.  Wholly Salsa.

Salsa? Yes, salsa.  And recognize the “Wholly”?  As in “Wholly Guacamole”?  If you’ve ever tried their guac, then you know what I’m guac-in’ bout. It’s darn good stuff.  And now they’ve got salsa that is so yummy I’d eat them straight out of the package without any dippers. (more…)

Light the Runway Recap: Dress For Success

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Last Friday night, Tootsies opened their doors for an event that did more than just benefit Dress For Success Dallas-it put smiles on the faces of everyone there.  Not the “I’m smiling because there are photographers surrounding the place” smiles, but real, genuine, unforced smiles of joy.  Hearing the mission of Dress For Success Dallas firsthand from several ladies who have been through the program is something that really strikes a positive chord inside.

Basically, the organization promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. The confidence, the sheer pride in what they’ve accomplished…it’s inspiring, to say the least.

In addition to the priceless inspiration, father-daughter duos walked the runway wearing what can only be described as the most colorful, sparkly, and summertime fabulous clothes you’ve ever seen on a Friday night.  Tootsies was the ideal backdrop for this display, with colorful collections surrounding the runway beckoning attendees to shop their hearts out as soon as the show ended.  With Dress For Success Dallas as your motivation and shopping as your tool to help those in need, how can it get any better?

To find out more regarding Dress For Success Dallas, visit: