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A Few Of My Favorite (Summer) Things

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Ann Curry: Newsroom Style Icon Says Goodbye

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If you haven’t seen Anny Curry’s tearful goodbye from The Today Show yet, get the hankies ready.  After nearly 20 years with the network, Curry has been forced out as Matt Lauer’s co-anchor and is now taking on a new role at NBC.

According to, “Curry’s new multiyear contract with NBC has her leading a seven-person unit with a ticket to cover the world’s biggest stories, from the civil uprising in Syria to the plight of the poor in America. She’ll produce network specials and pieces for NBC Nightly News, Dateline, Rock Center— and Today— and she’ll occasionally fill in as anchor on Nightly News and elsewhere.”

Read more on Ann Curry: Newsroom Style Icon Says Goodbye, as well as other fashion and beauty tips, at YouPlus Style!


Whiten Your Teeth in an Instant

Posted by    |    June 28th, 2012 at 4:20 pm

You know that dreaded feeling. You’ve picked up some random toothepaste at CVS or Walgreens after laboring for some strenuous amount of minutes over which one will be the best. Fresh breath or tarter protection? Why can’t I have it all?! After all is said and done you go home, brush your teeth with your new paste, and you’re disappointed. But you’ve made a commitment, and now you’re stuck with this new tube until lack of paste do you part.

I used to suffer from this neverending cycle. I was constantly searching and constantly disappointed. Then came a shining beacon of hope: Luster Premium White . Sure the dentist developed toothpaste promised instant whitening, but what really sold me was the stamp of approval from Allure. I am rarely disappointed by anything that has their ‘Best of Beauty’ red seal of approval, and this was no exception.


New Obsession: Hair Chalk

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When I was a little girl, I considered myself a bit of a chalk connoisseur. My sister and I would create some pretty serious chalk art on our carport that could have rivaled Picasso. When I kissed my middle school uniform goodbye, I had assumed my chalking days were over, until I spotted a picture of Lauren Conrad’s adorable hair.

If you’re looking to add a little temporary color to your locks, hair chalk is the perfect investment. I only wanted to try it out for the weekend and it worked like a charm. The color stayed through the weekend and washed out completely on Sunday.


A Little Obsessed With Shoes?

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If you happen to have a shoe fetish, then this contest is definitely for you.  Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman has a to-die-for boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York, and he wants you to come there. Not just to shop, mind you, but to indulge in a $1,000 shopping spree with their V.P. of Styling….yep, the same person who helps style celebs like Beyonce, Sofia Vergara, and Angelina.

If your heart is still beating after the royal shoe treatment, you will be whisked away to Stuart Weitzman’s Global Headquarters to see what’s debuting next season before all the other shoe fanatics have a peek!  You’ll be so ahead of the trends that Lady Gaga will be calling you for style tips, dahhhhhling.

While basking in the glow of the ultimate shoe closet ( 1,500 square feet of pure heaven,) you’ll also be introduced to the man behind the magic-Stuart himself. It will be like meeting Santa on Christmas morning, no?

What are you waiting for?  Enter the contest today and be on your way to hitting the shoe lottery!

Stuart Weitzman Espadrille Stuart Weitzman Stuart Weitzman <3

Jack Black (If I Were a Boy)

Posted by    |    June 27th, 2012 at 12:06 pm

A good lip balm or hand lotion is worth its weight in gold. Once I discover a good one, I buy up as many as I can get my hands on and keep them in every purse, desk, bedside table or car that I frequent. Personally, I prefer the girly ones, like eos, but if I were of the male persuasion I know exactly what lip balm I would keep on tap.

I was recently given some Jack Black samples including their Black Tea & Blackberry Lip Balm, Double Duty Face Moisturizer and Industrial Strength Hand Healer. I handed them out to the males in our office and got some glowing responses.


MidWeek Must-Have: Dry Shampoo and How to Use It

Posted by    |    June 27th, 2012 at 8:17 am

If there’s one thing I walked away with after interviewing the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders at their auditions last week, it’s the importance of dry shampoo.

Oh, I’ve used it from time to time when I was in-between washes on a hectic week, but they stressed the importance of dry shampoo in this Texas heat.  Not only does it help absorb the oil and sweat that builds up on your scalp, but it adds volume and texture to squeaky clean hair.  Yep, that’s one way those sexy cheerleaders get that voluminous hair!

Another tip is to combine a small teasing comb and the dry shampoo to create height that will last all day long.  Summers in Dallas aren’t only hot, they are often windy.  To keep your strands in place, don’t weigh it down with a gallon of hairspray.  Tease lightly at the crown, spray a healthy dose of dry shampoo, and lightly mist with a nice, scented hairspray.  Your look will have more swing and bounce, and can withstand windy days. Also, the less you wash your hair, the less damaged and dry it will be.  With dry shampoo, you can skip the daily wash and save your locks some wear and tear.

Some great dray shampoos to try:

Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo: Approx. $2-$4 (Inexpensive and does the job.)

Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo: Approx. $23  (NO white residue! Check out Oscar Blandi’s how-to video here.)

Klorane Dry Shampoo: Approx. $18 (More natural and Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.)

Now you know a DCC secret to beautiful hair that stays put….whether you’re cheering on the sidelines or cheering yourself up with a margarita.

Tweezerman’s ProCurl Lash Curler For Curler Connoisseurs

Posted by    |    June 26th, 2012 at 11:15 am

Even when I’m claiming to ‘not be wearing any makeup’, I’m almost always wearing mascara and I have almost always curled my eyelashes. I love my eyelashes, but like most blondies I HATE when they are mascara-less. It makes my eyes look naked. Unacceptable.

I’ve tried several eyelash curlers (and always remained slightly terrified that I would accidentally hack of my lashes) and I have finally found the one. My true love of eyelash curlers is Tweezerman’s ProCurl Lash Curler. Not only is it the coolest curler I’ve seen with its rose gold color, my fear of suddenly becoming eyelash-less was put to rest with its pinch-proof design and narrow top bar that adapts to all eye shapes.


Krimson & Klover’s Spring Into Summer Event This Wednesday

Posted by    |    June 25th, 2012 at 3:11 pm

There’s no better way to tackle the hottest nights in Dallas then with some of Dallas’ hottest summer trends. Get ready for summer with Krimson & Klover’s ‘Spring Into Summer’ event this Wednesday.

After I moved to Dallas, Krimson & Klover quickly became one of my favorite boutiques. The boutique is housed in an old Victorian home but stocked with some of the most current trends in its bright and welcoming atmosphere. You can find everything from party dresses to work clothes as well as the perfect bikini for the weekend. They even have a glass of wine waiting for you upon arrival!


Color, Plump, and Treat: The Per-fekt Lip

Posted by    |    June 22nd, 2012 at 8:55 am

It takes more than just A-list celebs using a product to get me interested.  I want to spend my hard-earned dollars on products that actually give beautiful results and hold up under the summer heat.  It also makes me feel good about investing in products that are cruelty and paraben-free….I just can’t carry around a beauty product that isn’t good for me or for friendly little critters everywhere.  It’s these things that drew me to the Per-fekt line of beauty products.  I’d seen them in stores like Sephora and Henri Bendel and heard countless celebs touting the miracles of the skin perfection gel, but it wasn’t until recently that I found out about the lip perfection gel.

Finally! Non-waxy, non-sticky lips....

I am a total lip gloss, lip plumper, lipstick, and lip treatment junkie.  Anything to do with lips, and I want in.  I feel like I have tried just about everything out there, so I know a good lip product when I try one.  When I say the Per-fekt lip perfection gels are the real deal, they are the real deal. No brush, no sponge, no make-up artist required to get hydrated, firm lips, beautiful color, and long-lasting plump.  Don’t you just hate that tacky feel you get with heavy glosses and the waxy build-up of lipstick?  I did, which was one of my motivating factors in checking this new product out.  I love the look of lip plumpers, but the tingling, burning feeling isn’t my favorite thing.  With the gel, you can forgo that and just have full, pretty lips-no burning required.

Henri Bendel Lip Perfection Gel Set

I’m pretty picky about color, so luckily there are several to choose from.  Fountain is clear, Vine (the color I personally can’t get enough of,) is a burgundy wine, Hollywood is a lovely red, Melrose is plum, Paramount is a cool pink, and Sunset is a sheer apricot.  If you can’t part with your favorite lipstick, try clear Fountain on top of it for a stain gloss. The best part- you can try three gorgeous shades in a new set from Henri Bendel here in Dallas.  For $60, you can have three universally flattering shades that look good on you when you’re pale, tan, naturally mocha….you get the idea.  (I also hit up the Per-fekt YouTube channel for some tips and hints with their other products, which is helpful when you don’t have a “red carpet-ready” team.)

Love to color your lips again!  Lip Perfection gel is what lip lovers have been waiting for.