Easter Eggs Gone Glam

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Cute handmade sock bunnies...cute idea to put in Easter basket!

It’s almost here! Grab those Easter baskets and get ready to hunt for eggs…and hopefully some candy, too.

Wait…you haven’t dyed your eggs yet?  No worries, you still have a few days left to get those babies dressed and ready for the yard.  (Or the living room, depending on this cray cray spring weather.)  If you’re thinking of being a bit more dramatic and forgoing the traditional dyed eggs, glitter eggs may be just what the bunny ordered.

No-Dye Easter Eggs.  Place glue dots on egg and roll in glitter.

Glitter Striped Easter Eggs

I wish I could say there is some great secret to creating gorgeous glitter eggs, but the truth is that you dye ‘em, paint one side with glue, and then roll the egg around in glitter that coordinates with the color you dyed that egg.  Let it dry, then repeat on the other side of the egg. Or, you can get creative with patterns and stripes like the photos above.

Instead of your eggs being reminiscent of the farm, they will be straight outta Vegas, baby.

Here is a more in-depth tutorial if you need one, as well as a handy-dandy Egg Dyeing 101 iPhone app. Happy Easter….He is Risen!

Glitter eggs


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