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The Best Dress Shirts for Women

Posted by    |    March 16th, 2012 at 10:30 am

Dress shirts are a must-have for any woman’s closet, but with all the options, it can be a bit confusing.  The phrase “dress shirt” may conjure images of a stuffy button-down, but it doesn’t have to be.  With trends evolving in the workplace, a dress shirt can be something other than a crisp, white “dry-clean-only” staple.

In order to choose the best dress shirt, FIT is the most important thing.  If you are choosing a button-down style, make sure it fits comfortably in the shoulders, the buttons aren’t gaping open at the chest, and the sides are slimming and fit a bit snug against you.  Nothing looks sloppier than a bulky dress shirt that you’ve tried to tuck in.  Buy a shirt that fits your chest accurately and won’t send a button flying across the room to put out a co-worker’s eye.

Once you know what size or tailoring works best for you, STYLE can be the next fun step in dressing creatively for work or other “dressier” occasions. Soft chiffon, light-weight fabrics that can be layered with a cardigan, or even short-sleeve styles look dressed up and sophisticated.


Cool Stuff You Wish You’d Thought Of

Posted by    |    March 15th, 2012 at 9:48 am

How to Wrap a Gift with a Pocket to Hold the Card/Giftcard so it doesn’t get lost. gives the low-down:

1. Cut paper several inches larger than the amount needed to wrap the item. Fold paper in half, pattern side in.

2. Fold top layer of paper back partially creating a pocket of desired depth; press to crease.

3. Wrap and tape presents as you normally would, keeping the pocket fold in place. Decorate the pocket with ribbon, cord, or other trim.


Struggle no more with perfect pancake shapes and messy batter. has the solution.  Re-purpose an old ketchup bottle by filling it with your pancake batter. “Portion pancake batter with precision―without the usual mess of transferring batter from the bowl. Squeeze out baby-size or plate-size rounds, or add Mickey Mouse ears to a batch of silver dollars.” Genius!

Ketchup Bottle as Pancake Batter Dispenser - Portion pancake batter with precision―without the usual mess of transferring batter from the bowl. Squeeze out baby-size or plate-size rounds, or add Mickey Mouse ears to a batch of silver dollars. (more…)

Make Your Own Lollipop Tree

Posted by    |    March 14th, 2012 at 10:08 am

Centerpieces for parties can be expensive, time consuming, and sometimes downright cheesy.  To save a little extra dough and get your craft on, making these colorful lollipop trees are a perfect addition to any birthday party, kid’s party, baby shower, etc.

The super cool blog, Meet the Dubiens shows you how to create these cute centerpieces in just a few easy steps.

All it takes is a plant pot (paint it or buy it your color of choice,) a styrofoam ball, and 1 bag of Dum Dums.  Some bags of Dum Dums hold 300 suckers, so you can make several small centerpieces, or one huge bad boy.  Just make sure to send the candy home with your guests once the shindig ends in case you gave up candy for Lent or want to stick to that New Year’s diet.


Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show This Friday

Posted by    |    March 13th, 2012 at 1:37 pm

Vintage is hotter right now than guessing Jessica Simpson’s due date, so if you’re into it and want more, your big chance is coming up this Friday.
From 3:00-8:00 p.m., 50 vendors from Texas and around the country will offer vintage jewelry and clothing dating all the way back from the turn of the century to a decade you were (probably) born in. Local dealers like Janet Swartz ( will be there selling their wares to give your life a little more of that Anthropologie feel and our planet a little more green by recycling old favorites.

The admission? No sweat, just $6 per person.

Grapevine Convention Center 1209 South Main Street Grapevine TX, 76051

See you there!



The Hair Bar: Drop In, Blow Out

Posted by    |    March 12th, 2012 at 3:02 pm

If you’re out and about in Southlake these days, there isn’t any excuse for having flat, lifeless hair.  The Hair Bar recently opened its doors to Southlake residents, and the Dragon ladies’ coiffures are all the better for it.

All blowouts at The Hair Bar are $35.00, and if you need your make-up done beautifully they do that, too.  It’s classic blow dry service at its finest; you’re offered a tasty,  complimentary beverage upon arrival, and then your designated stylist goes through the iPad visual library to choose the style you’ve been looking for.  If you don’t see one, you can request a custom style and they will try their darnedest to make it come to life.

Though not an entirely new concept, the salon is the brainchild of Gina Ginsburg and Shelley O’Neal, both beauties with hair you’d swap your Birkin for. Besides the menu of blowout styles, you can opt for hair extensions, an up-do, or a house call when you’re too busy (probably shooting your reality show,) to drop by the salon.

If you already know you’ll be a regular, a monthly membership will save you money.   $125 per month secures four blowouts or $65 per month for two, plus a protein shot or neck and scalp massage of your choice.  I know which one I’m going with!

Oh, and need a creative gift idea? Blowouts make an excellent gift for birthdays, baby showers, pre-wedding festivities, anniversaries, you get the picture. The Hair Bar offers an assortment of packages for your budget.  I personally giggled when I saw this package: The Blogasm is $750 (saves $160) and gives you 24 blowouts, plus one free. You  get one free blowout to give to a friend, relative, or keep for yourself. That blows me away.

It’s a mile-a-minute world these days, so the convenience of a stellar blowout that doesn’t take all day is a valuable commodity. Whether you live in Southlake or you’re dropping by for a spin around Town Center, stop in the Hair Bar to get your mane looking marvelous.


Sunday 12 – 6
Mon – Wed 10 – 7
Thur – Sat 10 – 8


1522 E. Southlake Blvd
Southlake, TX 76092

The End of the World As We Know It

Posted by    |    March 7th, 2012 at 7:00 am


End of The World

I saw this on Facebook this morning and had to laugh.  There has certainly been an air of nervousness about this potentially being the last year on earth, with the Today Show even doing a story on “doomsday preppers”; people prepping their homes for the end of the world.  Of course, if it was truly the end, none of the superficial, surfacey, silly stuff we worry about or want to acquire would mean anything at all. (And we could all stop worrying about the fate of Snooki’s baby and the possibility of fetal alcohol syndrome.)

But let’s dream for just one moment….what would you wear if it was your last day on earth?  Would you dress the same as any other day?  Or would you go out with a bang, a la Lady Gaga?

In honor of Leap Year, the Mayan calendar, and every movie that has ever been made about the earth blowing up, here are a few “final moments” outfits worthy of one last look.

The Real Housewives of Disney

Posted by    |    March 6th, 2012 at 7:00 am

What did you think of Lindsay Lohan’s return to SNL this past weekend?  Love her or hate her, the Real Housewives of Disney sketch was so stinking hilarious that even the haters had to chuckle.  This was a stroke of pure brilliance for whomever wrote it….here it is for you to enjoy. (Sorry you have to sit through the painful commercials to get to the good stuff. Blame NBC.)

What does this sketch have to do with style?  Everything.  There is a fascinating site called Disney Bound, which uses Disney as the inspiration for unique wardrobe, makeup, hair, and general fashion looks.  You’ll be surprised how Ariel or Jasmin can inspire you after the age of seven! Here are a few favorites.

Get the look! (more…)

You Can Do….Turquoise Walls

Posted by    |    March 5th, 2012 at 10:18 am

Turquoise walls, you say?  Isn’t that a bit much?  Well, they aren’t exactly Martha Stewart’s eggshell white, but they definitely make a room stand out. (In a good way, mind you.)  There are two schools of thought when it comes to brightly colored walls:

1. Keep the rest of the room more neutral and muted.

2. Go nuts with color and make it bold and beautiful.

Which is better?  You decide.

A few notes about decorating with this color:

  • If you use a lighter aqua or turquoise and pair it with white or ivory, it can have a very beachy feel.  Add a few random shells and gauzy drapes and you’re practically in the Virgin Islands.
  • Turquoise isn’t primarily a feminine color.  Paired with shades of brown and gray, this color can be more masculine.
  • Unless you’re a true free spirit, save the truly bright turquoise for kid’s rooms and play rooms.  Muted shades of turquoise work best for more adult rooms.
  • This color can be paired with a vast array of complimentary colors.  Try several and see which you like best!


Body Shop Skin Care Road Test Update

Posted by    |    March 2nd, 2012 at 11:32 am

Some of you may recall a post that I did a few weeks ago about a skin care try-out I’m doing for The Body Shop.  (You can read the nitty-gritty here.)  With Galleria Dallas hosting their big Beauty Live Event in a few weeks, it’s been my assignment to test out the slew of products The Body Shop has given me and report back my results.

As previously mentioned, I have the laziest skin care routine of all time.  Wash once a day before bed, slather on moisturizer, and sometimes a little eye cream if I think about it.  Since starting this experiment a few weeks ago, I’ve sucked it up and washed twice daily, used a toner, a myriad of skin brightening agents, and an eye cream.  (Oh, and the occasional microdermabrasion scrub.)

Things I’ve Learned about a Detailed Skincare Regimen:

1. It really doesn’t add on as much time as you would think.  Sure, it’s an extra two minutes to wash once more and use a few products, but nothing drastic.

2. Clear more counter or drawer space for the additional products.  My bathroom counter looks like the skincare counter at Saks now.

3. Your skin WILL look and feel better!  I noticed within three days the difference in my skin: how it looked, felt, and how clear it is. Honest.

4. Taking better care of your skin will allow you to wear less make-up and feel confident about that choice. Plus, you look younger.

5. The vitamin C brightening creams/serums/lotions really did brighten up my dull skin.  I had two different people tell me that my skin looked better and brighter, and they didn’t know I was using anything new.  This was a huge encouragement to me….when people compliment you on something new you’re doing and they don’t know you’re making any effort. Proof is in the pudding.

What are my favorites so far?  Well, I have to admit that the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser doesn’t seem any more effective than my usual cleanser, though it is much gentler than what I’m used to.  However, those Vitamin C products I was telling you about-I LOVE them.  Like, seriously love them.  My skin looks much better without makeup, and feels much better, too.

Here they are, in case you decide to try them for yourself:

Join me and the other Body Shop Skincare guinea pigs to hear about their results on March 17 and 18 at The Beauty Live Event at Galleria Dallas!

Military Style and a Veteran Makeover

Posted by    |    March 1st, 2012 at 7:00 am

TONI&GUY is unleashing its team of stylists to travel nationwide and makeover some of the bravest and most noble women in our country, military veterans. TONI&GUY’s top tier stylists, colorists, and makeup artists will be on a crusade throughout the country making over a select group of well-deserving women, starting in Dallas.

Stacy Keyte, a 13-year military veteran and U.S. Army Guard Staff Sergeant, is the chosen candidate to receive a full head-to-toe makeover. Keyte is an Iraq war veteran whose husband is currently deployed in Africa. She is currently serving her community by working at Grace After Fire, a female veterans support organization.

Keyte will reveal her revamped look to her friends and family during the Legends Game at the Dr. Pepper Arena this Saturday, March 3rd, at 7 P.M.  The Legends Game will honor U.S. female military veterans-what an inspiring way to spend a Saturday night!  After Dallas, Toni & Guy will be visiting southern California, Colorado, Atlanta, and Houston.

In honor of great women like Stacy, today’s post features military inspired looks that you can make a stylish part of your everyday wardrobe.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that the military cut jacket with gold buttons is a sure-fire way to turn any basic look into a military masterpiece.

It feels good to be an American, doesn’t it?